Be honest, is your answer ‘yes’ to any of these common digital transformation problems:

  • Have you invested in a full-stack product and are yet to realise its RoI or business outcomes?
  • Are you limited to internal efficiencies and a handful of external monetisation journeys?
  • Are the tools and strategies in your current business model preventing you from reaching new customer segments in a B2B2X context?

If you said ‘yes’ to one, two or three of these questions then our systems integration offering could solve all your problems by:

  1. Guiding you from strategy through to execution
  2. Keeping your purpose pertinent throughout
  3. Helping you achieve your desired end-result

A trusted process, designed to empower

We built our services with your digital transformation objectives in mind and everything we do is designed to leverage your product’s investments.

Here’s what our journey looks like in practice:

Identify Digital Business models and assets to monetise through API in-line with the new model
Establish the API Management Platform - Developer Portal, API Shop, Revenue Share models, etc and determine API pricing
Identify the first set of APIs for Monetisation
Establish and API operation model in terms of Publisher Teams, Business Team, Internal Developer Team, External Developer Team, Finance Team, etc.
Analyse API endpoint/backend application/network element for each API. Perform a readiness assessment to check if they are fit for automatic consumption and make changes progressively
Build and Expose the APIs on the developer portal with a sandbox environment for external developer to test APIs. Implement monetisation rules on the API management platform
Establish internal Digital leadership team to leverage APis for internal use(Digital Operational Efficiency)
Source: Ovum’s "On the Radar" Report, October 08, 2019
Analyst: Hansa Iyengar
What we’ve got to offer

Consultancy & Planning

If you’re looking to define an API strategy that facilitates your core business functions, we’ll consult with your teams and:

  • Run workshops centered on implementing new business models, the platform itself, operations, and developer experiences for your new API store
  • Using hackathons, we’ll help you come up with API branding and marketing
  • Once all of the above is set in stone, we’ll then support your API monetisation strategies
  • Better yet, we always use industry-domain-specific starter packs so we can quickly pinpoint the Ecosystem Business Model most suited to your business’ functions and environments

Implementation & Testing

When you’re transforming to realise your business’ digital initiatives, you don’t have time to waste - and we get that, which is why we created a solution and industry-leading framework to speed the process up.

With our Implementation & Testing service you can easily define, implement and/or integrate:

  • End-to-end API management and data integration architecture
  • API management with multiple identities and billing platforms
  • Caching strategies
  • Robust API security architectures
  • Analytics and big data
  • API testing strategies
  • On-premise and Cloud-based API infrastructure models
  • Micro-service architectures
  • Containerisation and service mesh.

And in doing so, you’ll benefit from an API factory model that’s capable of churning out large API volumes flexibly, predictably, and at scale.

  • First-rate solution accelerators (like AutomatonTM, AutoStub® and RepoProTM) to get things going at pace.
  • Product investment utilisation (such as Apigee, CA, MuleSoft, IBM and Azure) to understand business outcomes sooner.
  • Continuous integration and deployment of your digital initiatives using a state-of-the-art DevOps framework.

Deploy & Run

We’ll define the policies and environments you need to start your deployment activity and provide you with a fully functional portal to use where you want, when you want.

With our Deploy & Run service you’ll be able to:

  • Configure API policies, define and manage API environments, and strategise API monetisation
  • Optimise platform deployment and push live
  • Implement DevOps with API Value Assessment services
  • Manage your API lifecycle activities
  • Set out day-to-day operational workflows (for API publisher and developer lifecycle configuration)
  • Customise and configure your Developer Portal
  • Keep track of performance and stability metrics
  • Upgrade your existing platform
  • Integrate Chatbots
  • Use Cognate, our pre-configured framework, to detect and prevent security breaches
  • Utilise DevOps and Hybrid models
  • Create bespoke SLAs based on needs.

Versioning & Retirement

We’ll help you with everything from versioning your APIs and analysing their usage to understanding monetisation statistics and deciding when an API has reached retirement stage, by:

  • Setting up a versioning strategy and design time governance
  • Executing an impact analysis - like backwards-compatible changes and API contract considerations
  • Tailoring and customising your API lifecycles for customer migration
  • Providing a Sandbox environment to help with customer migration
  • Creating versioning guidelines for things like API interface and resource naming
  • Managing upgrade and retirement communications for customers
  • Providing an impact assessment workbook and decision matrix for your governance teams.
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