API Gateway

If you’ve got a number of APIs working at the same time, to keep your business running smoothly, you need something that throttles your traffic, monetizes your applications and monitors your security - and that’s exactly what you get with our API Gateway.

Our solution acts as an entry point for all your APIs and:

  • Enforces API publishers’ policies
  • Validates subscriptions
  • Collects useful metrics
  • Controls pre-determined quotas

The best bit? You don’t need coding. You don’t need to customize it. And you manage it all in one place; your Publisher Portal.

Versatility When You Need It

We know every business is unique, so we created our API Gateway to adapt to individual environments. Our API Gateway takes care of the complicated bits that drive your business’ growth and security behind the scenes, leaving you with an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

  • Need a central gateway? You’ve got it.
  • Need several micro-gateways? No problem.
  • Need a service mesh? Or, to deploy it on separate machines? You guessed it, you’ve got it.

Key Features

  • Bulk policy enforcement (via the Publisher Portal)
  • Easy authorization and authentication
  • Automatic quota alerts
  • Configure your own custom thresholds
  • Sales metrics hand-delivered in your reports
  • Manage traffic and API spikes with no fuss
  • Schema validation and token management
  • Built-in subscription validation and auto-renewal facility
  • Set usage quotes, rate limits, and request time-outs
  • Event-driven patterns implement gateways with high concurrencies

Why Choose
DigitMarket API Gateway?

Scalability Made Simple

Our gateway supports OpenAPI and custom-based HTTP models and breaks all requests down into events that can be processed in parallel, so you’ll never fall victim to the bottleneck effect.

How this looks in practice?

  • You process a request
  • Our gateway collects and processes your data in a separate module
  • Your data is escorted to an event bus
  • While all this is going on, the gateway continues processing other requests

In theory, this leaves you with infinite scalability options; your hardware is the only limit.

Unlimited and Exclusive Options

Modeled on multi-gateway architecture, our solution allows you to create as many gateways as you like. Either create a new instance yourself (northbound mode) or let your customers set-up one of their own (southbound mode), but keep control with the northbound’s visibility settings - for partners, internal, and external developers, etc. to set-up exclusive, on-demand gateways.

Automatic Threshold Management

With built-in auto-scale capabilities, our gateway easily copes with limit breaches by automatically cloning a new gateway and attaching it to the cluster - all without you lifting a finger!

Providing you configure “auto-scaling” in the target Cloud environment (private, AWS, or otherwise) our API Gateway is always horizontally scalable.

Flexibility and Choice at Hand

We understand you’ll want to keep sensitive, customer information on-site, but that non-sensitive APIs are okay on the hybrid cloud, for example. So, we created our gateway in a way that allows a central management interface to control all your instances for you - so you can get on with the rest of your day.

The Complete Package

By combining our market-leading DigitMarket API Gateway with our API Developer Portal and Publisher Portal, you’ll arm your business with a complete API management solution that:

  • Accelerates and revolutionizes your digital transformation programme
  • Benchmarks success for the rest of your industry
DigitMarketTM - create your digital ecosystems FASTER
DigitMarketTM is an API-driven framework of products, processes and services built to accelerate your digital strategy and fast-track implementation.
Download the Product Brochure to know more about DigitMarketTM API Manager
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