Need a single place to develop, publish, monetise and promote your APIs? You’ve got it. Our Publisher Portal encompasses everything you need to manage your API lifecycle activities.

Driven by configurable workflows, it fast tracks your publisher’s actions and supports everything from collaborating over blueprints to developing, versioning and retiring your APIs. Better yet, acting as a central hub for all your management processes, it also:

  • Provides ultimate flexibility around publishing, pricing and tracking your APIs
  • Enables you to easily monitor their usage
  • Allows you to monetise your APIs through our API Gateway and API Developer Portal
How it Works
Clear, configurable and customisable workflows

To make your API activity easy to keep on top of, every artifact, policy or configuration change in our Publisher Portal goes through an approval cycle for governance and moderation.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • An artifact (like API proxies, packs and policies) is configured in the portal
  • It is then sent to the relevant business user for approval
  • Once approved and synced with the gateway, our Publisher Portal will automatically publish your APIs to the Developer Portal

To ensure a slick subscription process, all the prices and usage plans are easy to see - if you don’t want them on show though, publishers can create private plans exclusively for B2B developers.

Seamless from start to finish

Publisher portals have two very different aspects:

  • Technical - which are managed by your internal developer community
  • Business - like your API pricing

With our design though, neither are isolated; we have flawlessly integrated the two to create a seamless experience throughout.

For internal developers...

The Publisher Portal comes with the tools needed to carry out core API activities like:

  • Defining rules
  • Designing and deploying
  • Versioning
  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting

From a business standpoint...

It enables you to ensure all published APIs align with your business’ goals. With a business user role you’ll be able to:

  • Set usage plans and policies
  • Use your plans and policies for API discovery and consumption with third-party developers

Key Features

  • Create and organise individual and grouped APIs with packaging and branding
  • Make APIs publicly available in the Developer Portal
  • Monitor and manage API usage, users and groups
  • Authenticate and authorise your APIs
  • Set-up one or more API gateways and enforce security and usage policies
  • Share policies across several APIs
  • Build various usage plans, each with unique run-time rules
  • Individually deploy and manage plans from different gateways on the same screen
  • Get as close to real-time statistic visualisation as you can get
  • Set advanced and granular role-based access control for all features
  • Customise the appearance of your portal
  • Make workflow amends to tailor APIs to your clients’ requirements
Why DigitMarketTM
Publisher Portal?
We take a hybrid approach
Because we believe a solution of product + systems integration delivers your business outcomes and the best result.
We tailor our solutions to you
Our product is designed to work in your environment and provide the benefits you need.
We make it affordable
We use a cost-effective, license redistribution SaaS model that allows SMEs to use a ‘pay-as-you-progress’ model so they can start small and scale; without missing out on first-rate solutions.
We work around you
Our Publisher Portal is designed with an open architecture and fitment flexibility to seamlessly co-exist with your current environments, enabling easy integration with both legacy systems and future ecosystems.
We follow the ‘security by design’ concept
Our SaaS infrastructure is ISO 27001 compliant, so you can be sure you’re benefiting from maximum security.
We help you help your people
By training internal teams on things like product knowledge and how to safely use our services in your environment.

The Complete Package

By combining our market-leading DigitMarketTM API Publisher Portal with our API Gateway and Developer Portal, you’ll arm your business with a complete API management solution that:

  • Accelerates and revolutionises your digital transformation programme
  • Benchmarks success for the rest of your industry
DigitMarketTM - create your digital ecosystems FASTER
DigitMarketTM is an API-driven framework of products, processes and services built to accelerate your digital strategy and fast-track implementation.
Download the Product Brochure to know more about DigitMarketTM API Manager
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