Business Challenges

The Government of a major developing country was looking to leverage Mobile as a channel to reach its initiatives to the citizens of the country, as a part of their overall digitization strategy. They also intended to improve governance and the flow of information as part of this initiative.

Given there was no restriction on which mobility platform the citizens adopted, the mobile apps had to cater to all the platforms available in the market.

Business Benefits

  • Mobility services reached more than 70% of the country
  • Productivity of ministries improved by 20%
  • Multi-channel on-the-move services for citizens
  • Enhanced customer engagement


Torry harris developed turn-key mobile applications to deliver eGovernment citizen services that would help increase transparency in Government decisions and ease the adoption among citizens, to give a location-independent, “connected government”. The programme was designed to transform the provisioning of government services to every member of the society – citizens, expatriates, businesses, public sector employees and visitors. Simplified user experience for mobile applications while harnessing device hardware capabilities was one of the core requirements of this project.

We mobile-enabled the Government services and deployed the apps on five different platforms. We also built an mBaaS (mobile back-end as-a-service) platform to cater to content management, notifications, logging, reporting and security related functionalities. Some of the activities executed, include:

  • Multi-platform mobile applications covering six major platforms that include Blackberry, iOS, Java, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian
  • An extensible Mobile Application Integration framework to integrate the mobile services to existing back-end Services and other internal frameworks
  • A Cross-Services Promotion Framework to facilitate marketing and promotional advertisements
  • A Content Management System that provided a front-end for various internal framework components like Notification Management, Ads Management, Service Management, etc
  • An App Store, for citizens to download the apps from the Government website
  • Advanced User-experience created by UI experts on the team from the top design schools
  • Compliance to Security Standards such as PCI-DSS etc

The various phases executed on this project were:

  • Gathering and Detailed analysis of the requirements (both functional and non-functional)
  • Architecture and Design of the solution
  • Development of apps for multiple platforms and for the different Integration Components
  • Design & Development of the App Store
  • Turn-key testing of all apps built on six different platforms using MTM framework developed by our CoE, deployment of the apps, monitoring & reporting