For most businesses, application modernization is the default solution for updating legacy systems to newer frameworks and infrastructure platforms. It's a win-win solution that allows traditional monolithic applications and workloads to take advantage of contemporary technologies while meeting short-term speed and scalability requirements. Meanwhile, businesses get the time necessary to evaluate and develop a roadmap for a large-scale digital transformation.

However, designing and executing an application modernization project without a clear and measurable evaluation process can be a recipe for disaster. In this whitepaper, we will look at the primary drivers of application modernization and some tips for enterprises to successfully modernize legacy systems. You will be presented with a structured framework to achieve successful outcomes and a case study to better understand the thought processes at work.

Download this free whitepaper for insights related to:

  • Factors driving the modernization of legacy applications
  • Seven options for ease of implementation
  • A case study to demonstrate a multi-strand modernization strategy
  • Top 10 tips to successfully modernize legacy systems and applications

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