Digital marketplaces play a paramount role in creating dependable ecosystems. You may currently use one of the below three models of online capability in your enterprise:

E-commerce site
The focus here is to enable customers to purchase your goods and services through an interactive, self-service experience. The value offered is limited to your own intrinsic capability and inventory.
Marketplace 1.0 model
This model is about building a linked community of providers and consumers who can realize commercial benefit through participation on the platform you own and manage. The value offered is in the form of content curation, matching supply and demand in the most appropriate, automated manner. You will now have expanded your market reach and offer variety in your portfolio. The limitation in this model might be the technical ability of the participant’s own IT infrastructure to expose and consume what it has.
Marketplace 2.0 model
The true differentiator, where you offer all of the above and add tools, services and products necessary to digitalize your partners and customers, facilitating better and faster participation on your platform. You now become a true enabler and systems integrator, offering your core assets in an as-a-service model to the participants on your marketplace.

Regardless of the stage your organisation is in, our technology toolkit has everything you need to:

  • Power your scalable marketplace platform,
  • Strategize, design, develop, maintain and curate your platform,
  • Cut through the digital economy - with little to no-code requirements, and
  • Support your partner, contributor and customers’ digital ecosystems.

Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Key features
Variety built-in
With an industry-agnostic multimodal set-up, our digital marketplace software supports B2B, B2C and B2B2X ecosystems and allows you to tailor your workflows to your needs - whether that be sales or leasing services, digital or physical assets.
A personal approach
Add your logo, theme and a custom domain to put your stamp on the platform and ensure everything remains on-brand for a seamless user experience.
On-the-go management
Manage, monitor and customise your marketplace when you want, where you want, for ultimate mobility.
Safe and secure payments
Our platform gives you complete peace of mind by meeting all statutory security compliances and can be integrated with all the major payment gateways.
Shipping made simple
We leverage APIs to create an order and shipping management system that can support multiple methods with third-party logistics companies. And if you’re in the services industry, our digital marketplace software can be configured to accommodate several bookings and trace vendor-availability.
Efficient taxonomy
DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace can easily tag products and services with attributes and house them under relevant categories to maintain order, and make the most of tags, multimode filter options, layout customisation and pagination to track things down quicker.
Access management and user authentication come part and parcel with our digital marketplace, and then you have the option to unlock built-in custom authentication or single sign-on with social media logins (like Facebook and Google) too.
Track Your success
With out-of-the-box integration with Google Analytics, you can easily access important data; like how many people visited your storefront, customer behaviour insights and bounce rates, etc. With custom dashboards, you can see KPIs for everything from sales volumes and transactions to users and product performance - and more.
Source: Ovum’s "On the Radar" Report, October 08, 2019
Analyst: Hansa Iyengar

The product helps launch your branded platform quickly, with
multi-vendor support. It comes with three different interfaces:

1. Admin interface for platform owners

  • Manages partners, catalogues, products, campaigns, orders, events and more
  • On-boards vendors
  • Provides deep analytics and actionable insights
  • Oversees several storefronts from a single place

2. Partner portal

  • Partners define and manage their products, leads, dashboards, reports, etc
  • Gives the option to create multiple stores with separate products, categories and product classes

3. Storefront

  • Displays products and their features
  • Provides all the components needed to create a branded storefront - including APIs, layouts, widgets and content management systems, etc
DigitMarketTM comes bundled with -

Product management

It can build digital ecosystems faster. DM – Digital Marketplace can manage and optimise product offerings with stock, variants, reviews, comments, sub-product packages and product price plans features.


Category management

Our digital marketplace software comes with a built-in API-based recommendation engine to support your cross- and up-selling efforts and helps you define multiple hierarchical categories with Facet, Storage, Display Style and Category Home layout choices.


Vendor management

The on-boarding process integrates your marketplace with external systems as standard (via Business Process Management) and our custom branding and feature options allow your vendors to tailor the platform to their needs too.


Customer management

Easily manages customer conflicts, preferences, orders and next best actions with our built-in customer management system. It helps group customers into different clusters to configure group-based storefront customisations.


Content management

Create content, content blocks, discounts, banners, blogs, campaigns, privacy and other policy pages with the platform’s content management system.


Real-time analytics system

If you pick our advanced analytics option with OLAP you’ll be able to build dynamic insights for things like store usage, orders, sales, campaign effectiveness, vendor dashboards, user activity, and more.

Our models in practice

Here’s what our product workflow looks like for partners:

An infographic about partner journey product workflows

….and this is what the journey looks like for customers:

An infographic about customer journey product workflows
Why choose us?
Get to market quicker
Whatever you’re offering, whatever your size, our templated designs and tools give you everything you need to configure and launch your own marketplace within days – literally!
Suitable for any size
We believe in ‘democratisation of digital’ and all our solutions are built with accessibility in mind. DigitMarketTM is no different! By using APIs for every platform scenario, we’re able to create SME editions for progressive businesses to scale with.
The complete package
Our integration services span from platform business model consulting and defining business operating models to technology architecture, billing integration and extended systems integration - and more.
Seamless experiences
With the ability to create mini-marketplaces and integrate with other marketplaces, third-party stores, our platform ensures a consistent user experience throughout.
Integrated marketing
Run customer, vendor and product-specific promotions to attract more visitors and aid your sales KPIs, with the option to easily apply discount conditions from within your platform.
Easy communication
Add your own chatbot by configuring your platform with any of the leading development platforms and re-using their service.
Affordable license redistribution
Sell and on-board DigitMarketTM as your own service to partners for a fraction of the single license cost.
Everything’s in one place
Managing several storefronts from various platforms can be hard work to say the least, but, with us, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can create and maintain multiple stores from one place and still individually manage store-specific categories, products, vendors and KPIs.

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