DigitMarketTM API Manager (DM-APIM) is a complete package to help manage your APIs and make them into tools that propel your business forward.

With DM-APIM, you’ll arm your business with:

  • Mature and marketable APIs, that accelerate your digital transformation program
  • Easy third-party collaboration, helping you create and expand your digital business ecosystem

DigitMarketTM API Manager offers you a secure API Gateway, Authentication Server, Developer Portal or API Store and an API Publisher Portal.

DigitMarketTM API Manager


API Gateway

If you’ve got a number of APIs working at the same time, to keep your business running smoothly, you need something that throttles your traffic, monetizes your applications and monitors your security - and that’s exactly what you get with our API Gateway.

Our solution acts as an entry point for all your APIs and:

  • Enforces API publishers’ policies
  • Validates subscriptions
  • Collects useful metrics
  • Controls pre-determined quotas

The best bit? You don’t need coding. You don’t need to customize it. And you manage it all in one place; your Publisher Portal.

API Publisher Portal

Need a single place to develop, publish, monetize and promote your APIs? You’ve got it. Our Publisher Portal encompasses everything you need to manage your API lifecycle activities.

Driven by configurable workflows, it fast tracks your publisher’s actions and supports everything from collaborating over blueprints to developing, versioning and retiring your APIs. Better yet, acting as a central hub for all your management processes, it also:

  • Provides ultimate flexibility around publishing, pricing and tracking your APIs
  • Enables you to easily monitor their usage
  • Allows you to monetize your APIs through our API Gateway and API Developer Portal

API Developer Portal

Is your current API set-up a bit unsightly? Are you struggling to get people to really engage with your APIs? Are third-party developers, partners and key stakeholders not able to easily consume the APIs they need?

If your response was a trio of yes’, there are time, money and resource savings to be made; enter our API Developer Portal.

Our custom-built solution combines an integrated API store with a developer portal that’s:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Secure
  • Reliable
DigitMarketTM - create your digital ecosystems FASTER
DigitMarketTM is an API-driven framework of products, processes and services built to accelerate your digital strategy and fast-track implementation.
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