We may not board a plane as easily, meet customers in-person or plan fun family vacations just yet. But let’s work together to:

  • Leverage legacy assets to build differentiated customer journeys
  • Facilitate better E-commerce by providing key information your customers seek
  • Digitize and automate critical business processes for better customer service

We are here to help you plan, implement and realise your digital objectives.

Increase avenues for customer reach
Offer more variety and choice to your customers. Showcase unique, bundled offerings with partners and third-party providers through your own digital marketplace.
Marketplace-in-a-box: your digital marketplace in less than 4 months
Digital Marketplace
API Gateway
Outcome-based Systems integration
Leverage your legacy assets
Offer personalised Omnichannel, integrated customer experiences through a common “experience layer” built on top of your integration backbone.
Digitise & Automate your customer on-boarding processes using our automation tools and solutions.
Modernise legacy assets using Microservices for a quicker go-to-market. Use our “legacy to microservices” kit.

While the current crisis may have enhanced the need for online and digital upskilling, being in the know about new age technology, enabling and equipping your teams to be digitally ready is perhaps a priority to steer organisational success.

Customer Stories
Torry Harris enables API driven digital capability for Pure Planet; helps in ESB implementation & Middleware Integration
Three Ireland partners with Torry Harris to implement its BSS transformation program; uses Torry Harris API gateway
Campbell McClean talks about his experience with Torry Harris implementing his Integration projects

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