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At Torry Harris, we offer you more than a job - A well-rounded, complete learning experience!

People are our core strength. We screen for skills and hire for attitude. Working with cutting-edge, niche technologies and deep experience with international clients is what we offer our employees.

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Torry Harris DNA – engineering excellence
What sets us apart, you ask? Our Business Unit Head Joffey Chandy talks about the “Torry Harris DNA” and how it is scaled within the organization through different employee initiatives, to engineer excellence and growth.
Torry Harris turns 23!
On the eve of our 23rd anniversary, our family from across the globe sends best wishes. In this video, we have captured a few of their lovely messages.

We are featuring individuals who not only outshine at work, but also have a passion that goes beyond work hours.

Read our inspiring stories of employees following their passion like champions.


Pawan Gaykar's pursuit of passion is an inspiring dual act, Pawan's journey from folk plays in Goa to Bengaluru's most prestigious stages, while managing a demanding career at Torry Harris, is a testament to following one's passion against all odds. Read how Pawan reconnects with his passion for theater, showcasing that with dedication and the right support, any dream is within reach. For all of us, Pawan's story is a tale of triumph - both in the theater of work and in the work of theater.

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Charting the unknown – minds, maps, machines, and beyond

Routine provides comfort but can often lead to complacency. Meet Guruprakash Chinnasamy in this week's Passion and Beyond feature, a tech lead for whom traveling is a path to self-discovery, a journey where he confronts new challenges and grows. He sets off with a destination in mind but allows the journey to shape his experiences. From Kanyakumari to Goa, Delhi to Srinagar, Guruprakash's trusty bike has been his constant companion. His passionate pursuit of traveling has helped him reach deep into the core of the human experience, transcending mere words and images.

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From Source Code to Silver Rings:A Developer’s Journey into Metalworking

In this week's feature, meet Eric Lizotte, a Senior Customer Engagement Manager at Torry Harris who has turned his lifelong fascination with woodworking and metalworking into an art form, specializing in faceting gemstones and creating jewelry. In between his professional responsibilities, Eric delves into the intricate world of gemstones, forging connections worldwide and crafting unique pieces. Find out how this self-taught artisan's pursuit of his passion has enriched his life in unexpected ways. Discover Eric's inspiring journey in the full story.

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Into the Wild: From Bangalore to the Great Beyond

For this episode of Passion and Beyond, dive into the adventures of Akshay Rajendra and Apoorva Rangaraj. They discovered a mutual love for traveling while working on the same team. This shared passion has since fueled their friendship, taking them across numerous countries in seven years. Starting with local explorations, they have expanded their horizons with overlanding trips from Mysore to Kashmir and Spiti Valley, and international road trips in Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, and beyond. Their story showcases how shared passions can forge deep connections.

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Design musings to music design:
The many faces of Gurudutt Badiger

As children, everything seems more fascinating to us. We dream of different things, but the practical demands of life often take over as we grow older. Gurudutt Badiger's impassioned pursuit of music is an inspiring story for everyone who has lost connection with their passions over the years and is looking to find their way back.

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Techie by day, teacher by night – Nurturing a new generation of leaders

Growing up, we are taught by many amazing teachers, some kind, some inspiring and others who bring a new dimension to your little world. Once in a while, if we are fortunate, we meet one teacher who can totally change our perspective.

These are the teachers we remember for the rest of our lives. For this week’s feature, we have someone with a similar story — Naga Viswanath, Senior Design Engineer at Torry Harris.

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From Bengaluru to Burujupalli – In pursuit of a sustainable future with a passion

We are caught up so often in this fast pace of our lives that we seldom get to pause and look inwards. This is probably a familiar feeling for those of us engrossed in the 9 to 5 grind; days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and before long, months turn into years. Vishnu, the focus of this feature, was experiencing something similar when the world came to a grinding halt because of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

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Happiness in the Himalayas – A Solo Journey of PEACE

For certain people, travel offers a means to escape from reality. Then there are those whose explorations allow them to heal and even find a version of themselves they never knew existed. This is what happened to Monisha Reddy, UX/UI designer at Torry Harris and part-time adventure seeker.

Her trip to the Himalayan mountains turned out to be a transformational healing experience.

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Life At Torry Harris


Are You the Entrepreneur Type?

You have the freedom to choose your career-path based on your training and inclination. The opportunities for growth are not limited to technical delivery but include Centre of Excellence, Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance etc.

A stellar example of training & development in Torry Harris is “the boot camp”, for college graduates to meet the demands of live projects. Our training and mentoring process continues well after the boot camp.

We encourage you to spend 20-30% of your time on self-development, training & certifications along with brain-storming sessions with mentors to bring in new ideas and an entrepreneurial culture.

Employee Testimonials

"If you have the right attitude and passion, Torry Harris is the place to succeed."
Karthik TS
Head of CoE
"I chose Torry Harris because I was inspired by how interesting and diverse the experience was going to be."
Shuba Sridhar
Vice President - Strategic Initiatives
"Employee Testimonial – Gain cross-functional skills across diverse technologies at THIS"
Pramitha Baliga
Project manager
"Employee Testimonial – The THIS bootcamp platform helped me develop the soft skills necessary for successful career progression."
Srikar Kalle
Associate Engineer
"Employee Testimonial – How Torry Harris helps new recruits overcoming challenges"
Pranvesh Pandey
Associate Software Engineer
"Employee Testimonial – Diverse company culture and its impact on employee is what makes THIS unique"
Phani Kumar
Software Engineer
"Employee Testimonial – Learning Opportunities and Growth"
Akash Anbalagan
Associated Software Engineer
"Employee Testimonial – At Torry Harris, we let our employees do the talking."
Arpita Patil
Software Developer
"Employee Testimonial – What makes Torry Harris a great place to work?"
Nikeeta Kurrey
Associate Software Engineer
"Employee Testimonial – What makes working at THIS special"
Ankita Sridhar
Training Coordinator
"Employee Testimonial – Passion, the secret sauce to success in Torry Harris Integration Solutions"
Amrith Naniappa
Service Delivery Manager
"Testimonial - What makes THIS an exciting workplace for its employees?"
Abhirup Bhattacharjee
Technical Lead
"Testimonial - What makes THIS an exciting workplace for its employees?"
Gobind Balajee
Associate Project Manager
"Episode 3 - Hear from our very own super-heroes and heroines about how they juggle work and home responsibilities each day"
Karthik T S
Head of CoE
"Episode 2 - Hear from our employee about how they juggle work and home responsibilities with WFH."
Krishna Priya
Software Engineer
"Episode 1 - Hear from our employee about how they juggle work and home responsibilities with WFH."
Supriya Ravishankar
Software Engineer
"Torry Harris is a great place to work for overall professional development."
Krishna Priya
Software Engineer
"Hear from your future colleague on what makes Torry Harris a great place to work"
Movie Maria Tom
UX Designer
"Torry Harris not only provides the right platform to learn new and diverse technologies but also encourages employees to be a part of org-wide initiatives"
Swathi S
Software Engineer
At Torry Harris, we provide a great work place with unceasing opportunities. Hear from our India employees, what shaped their career!
Monika Bhonsle
Accounts Receivable Lead
Hear few of our employees talking about their experience working with Torry Harris. Company culture and perfect work-life balance are two aspects that motivate them always.
Siddhesh Aloni
Software Engineer
Together, we #BreakTheBias | IWD ’22 at Torry Harris
On this International Women’s Day 2022, men at Torry Harris Integration Solutions salute women for their professionalism, equanimity, and success. Watch the video to hear their views and more...
#IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay#BreakTheBias #THISisIT
We are gender neutral!
Forty two percent of our global workforce is constituted by women, out of which 40% are in senior leadership positions! That’s a ratio you wouldn’t see often! Torry Harris believes that collective action and shared responsibility can make a difference to women everywhere.
Remote set up, but we are digitally connected!
COVID-19 pandemic has altered our professional lives. Remote work is a critical enabler of business continuity now. At Torry Harris, we do this with fun. Here’s is a snippet of how we are encouraging each other by connecting digitally and sharing cheerful experiences.

Not Just

The Torry Harris anthem sums it up when it says "work harder, reach farther and never leave anything for later". Torry Harris is committed to nurturing diverse interests of individuals and has several clubs for like-minded colleagues to interact.

The knowledge sharing platform at Torry Harris, it keeps with our belief that learning is a life-time course.
The bulb inside your head switches on often? Eureka is the word that keeps you awake? At Torry Harris we are waiting for those bright sparks!
The 'Be More' initiative draws out internal talent from across departments and levels within the company, empowering them to contribute at the organization level. It helps sustain and expand the highly innovative, collaborative and inclusive culture within Torry Harris.
One learns about work from sports. From cricket to bowling, the Torry Harris sports teams play to win. At the last outing, bowling pins went into severe trauma as Torry Harris rolled the bowling ball with gusto.
ProHacktive is a Hackathon to promote OPEN INNOVATION for all and a channel of expression for our techies!
Our Achievements
Comparably Best of 2019 Award - “Work-Life Balance” under the large company category Know More
Forrester Wave™ Leader - Specialist API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers, 2019 Know More
DXA Gold Award - "Best Not-For-Profit Digital Initiative"
DXA Silver Award - "Best Digital Change & Transformation" (with Pure Planet) Know More
Carriers World Award for Best Transformation Initiative Know More
Analytics Insights Magazine – The 10 Most Valuable Digital Transformation Companies in 2019 Know More
Great Companies for Millennials - Employees at Torry Harris rated their company culture an A+ Know More
Forrester Wave™ Strong Performer - API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 Know More
Comparably Best of 2018 Award - “Work-Life Balance” under the large company category Know More
Torry Harris Integration Solutions is one among 21 Great New York Companies for Gen Z Know More

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