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Businesses can unlock immense strategic potential by leveraging global talent pools and embracing advanced models of technology operations. An Offshore Development Center (ODC) can help businesses elevate end-user experiences, optimize supply chain efficiencies, and completely cost-optimize operations while boosting innovation, scalability, and flexibility. A key aspect is to adapt and adopt at scale.

Success with ODC – Industry cases

A US-based retail company leveraged India’s rich analytics talent pool

A US-based retail company leveraged India’s rich analytics talent pool, dynamic ecosystem of start-ups, and best in class open-source tools (R, and SQL) to build a center for analytics capability development, employing 55% of its global in-house analytics pool in India.

A German automotive company transformed its ODC in India into its largest R&D center

A German automotive company transformed its ODC in India into its largest Research & Development center outside of Germany.  Harnessing India's pool of STEM talent and collaborating with design and technology start-ups, the center delivers high-value services including Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), IT services, design, simulation, analytics, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to its parent organization.

Why Torry Harris?

25+ years of strong digital delivery expertise
Outstanding customer track record - BT, Schneider Electric, Hutchinson Three etc.
A well-oiled Offshore Development Center
Rich IP built to accelerate digital mandates - digital tools and solution accelerators, plug and play governance frameworks and handy cookbooks.
A robust, long-term partner ecosystem for flawless execution of captive centers’ digital mandates

Torry Harris – your ODC Partner

What Torry Harris can do for you?

IT Advisory Services & Tech Enablement

Expert guidance and IT enablement to optimize strategy and operations.

Build Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Capability Development & Employee Fulfillment

Skill-based development and professional growth opportunities through tailored employee programs.

Leadership Development

Personalized mentoring and specialized programs to develop competencies engaging and orienting senior stakeholders.

Customer Experience Management

Personalized programs to capture and leverage customer feedback and drive continuous improvement to achieve a cohesive customer experience.

Tax & Accounting

Expert guidance and proactive tax planning strategies to optimize tax liabilities and maximize savings for your organization.

Build a Local IT Stakeholder Ecosystem

Collaboration and partnerships with local IT companies, startups, and industry associations to create a vibrant ecosystem.

Developing the Partner Ecosystem (academia & start-ups)

Strategic alliances with academia and start-ups to drive innovation and growth.

Set-up R&D Wing

Support to develop a technology incubation hub to nurture innovative ideas, research projects, and prototypes, with the potential for commercialization.

Set-up Support Functions

Development of structure, policies, and procedures for efficient administrative support to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Our Approach

Offshore Development Center (ODC)| Global In-House Center (GIC)

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Collaborating with corporate leadership to craft a tailored strategy.

Analyzing market dynamics, industry trends, and regulatory changes.

Developing a roadmap for implementing strategic initiatives.

Viability Assessment and Analysis

Conducting in-depth assessments to evaluate the viability of proposed projects.

Analyzing factors such as market demand, technical feasibility, resource availability, and financial implications.

Solution Design and Development

Working closely with clients to understand their requirements and translate them into actionable design specifications.

Leveraging design thinking principles to create user-centric solutions.

Prototyping and iterating on design concepts.

Project Execution and Transition Management

Leading cross-functional teams to execute project plans.

Managing project resources effectively.

Conducting rigorous testing and quality assurance.

Facilitating a seamless transition from project development to production environments.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Continuously monitoring KPIs to assess the effectiveness of implemented solutions.

Identifying opportunities for process improvements and efficiency gains.

Facilitating the transition of optimized processes and technologies.

Strategic Review and Adaptation

Regularly reviewing the strategic direction of the capability center.

Conducting post-implementation reviews to evaluate the impact of strategic initiatives.

Identifying emerging trends, technologies, and competitive threats.

Global recognition as a digital leader

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