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For over 25 years, THIS has helped global organizations to overcome cloud complexities through cost effective and future-ready solutions. Our cloud managed services offer performance, scale, reliability, and security helping you to focus on business growth and innovation. With resilient cloud managed frameworks, industry agnostic toolkits and best-in class integration solutions, we can help streamline and expedite your cloud initiatives enabling quicker time-to-market outcomes.

Expertise: Our team of certified cloud experts brings a wealth of experience across leading cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. We're your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of cloud infrastructure.
Scalability: If you're experiencing rapid growth or find a need to scale down, our cloud solutions are designed to flexibly accommodate your changing needs, ensuring cost-efficiency and resource optimization.
Security: We safeguard your data and applications with resilient security protocols. We implement industry best practices, encryption, and compliance measures to ensure your cloud environment meets the highest security standards.
Cost Optimization: We analyze your usage patterns and recommend strategies to optimize costs. We'll help you allocate resources effectively to maximize value from your cloud investment.
What is our expertise?
What tools do we use?
  • App Management Services: Drive operational efficiency with our app management Services for seamless deployment, scaling, and updating
  • App Performance Management: Boost your application's reliability and user experience with deep diagnostics and actionable insights
  • Risk Assessment: Minimize potential threats with our comprehensive risk assessments for precise vulnerability identification and mitigation
  • System Observability: Gain end-to-end system visibility with real-time analysis and troubleshooting
  • Service Monitoring: Ensure consistent service quality with our monitoring solutions, deploying real-time status updates, outage detection, and recovery
  • Open Telemetry based monitoring, third-party tools –, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Distributed tracing to identify application performance bottlenecks using instrumentation with tools like Dynatrace

Torry Harris built an innovative Digital Cloud Services Platform (DCSP) for BT to enable new, agile squads to support customer-facing colleagues.


Torry Harris leveraged PaaS cloud-native, open-source technologies to create a scalable and distributed platform that allows a high degree of autonomy and innovation.

  • Overall time to market for cloud-based services optimized by 40%
  • Onboarding of BT squad members reduced from two weeks to three hours
  • Cut API deviation by 90% thereby saving millions in reworking costs
  • 704 developers were onboarded to use BT’s DCSP within six months
  • A production version of GitLab was delivered in five days instead of 60-90 days
  • Automation and GitOps eliminated 100% of human errors

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