The transition to a cloud environment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any organization. The shift is a fundamental one that involves changing from largely dedicated servers in private data centers to a pool of compute capacity available on demand. However, research towards the end of 2022 shows that organizations are becoming more cost-conscious and smarter about their use of the cloud. In short, they are demanding much better value for money and their organization’s time.

With these changing trends, organizations must first ask themselves what cloud adoption looks like today in order to unlock the cloud's true potential. This whitepaper seeks to unravel cloud migration strategies in 2023 that cut across digital transformation. You will gain insights into the proper resources, planning, processes, tools, and technology to get your cloud migration journey off the ground.

Download this free whitepaper to get insights into:

  • A perfect storm in the cloud market
    • The cloud user perspective
    • The cloud provider perspective
  • Choosing the right approach for your business
  • How to get cloud migration just right
  • Why integration is foundational to cloud migration
  • Why APIs drive digitalization
  • Significance of governance in migration
  • The right tools for the right job

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