To deliver connected experiences, we enable multi-channel customer integration, vendor consolidation and product life-cycle management. From defining the IT strategy through to API enablement and ecosystem creation, we assist automotive OEMs and suppliers to achieve more with their assets.

We help by connecting customers/vendors to your applications or assets through an inclusive digital solution, whether using APIs or through IoT/IoE. Our solutions span the fields of engineering and design, manufacturing, quality, marketing and sales-related aspects. From defining the IT strategy through to integration, we assist automotive OEMs and suppliers to achieve more with their assets.

Creating Value For Automotive OEMs And Suppliers

Here’s how:

We help automotive manufacturers to connect and enable their internal assets through APIs for collaboration with vendors and partners


We develop Dealer Information Systems to automate the complete vehicle delivery lifecycle


Our digital ecosystem enablement services help build and deliver B2B2X offerings


We design well-managed, hierarchy-based, simple workflow systems to control the flow of sensitive data within and outside the organization


Our Gamification expertise helps to build interactive interfaces, customer management systems and portals for seamless delivery of services and exchange of information

Create your digital ecosystems faster with DigitMarketTM. It delivers out-of-the-box API Management capability with an integrated Digital Marketplace, API Gateway, Developer Portal and Publisher portal. DigitMarketTM is a complete package to manage & monetize your APIs.

Why Torry Harris?

20 years of focus on integration to increase the digital ability of enterprises
A strong business technology vision to deliver on customer objectives
A commitment to specialization, to extend the power of digital access through integration
An industry-recognized product portfolio to accelerate digital initiatives
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driven digital capability for Pure Planet
Torry Harris helps Schneider Electric to integrate over 21 ERPs across 40 countries
Jean-Christophe Pharose, Global Finance Program Manager at Schneider Electric, talks about the “Concur” program, why it is useful and how Torry Harris played a crucial role in its success.
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Digital Enablement Platform
Torry Harris enables API driven digital capability for Pure Planet
Andrew Ralston, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Pure Planet, Britain’s first app-based renewable energy supplier, talks about Torry Harris being a trusted advisor in helping them build a meaningful digital ecosystem.
Up Next:Torry Harris helps Schneider
Electricto integrate over 21 ERPsacross
40 countries
Torry Harris builds Airtel’s Digital Enablement Platform
Campbell McClean, Chief Information Officer at Airtel - Telemedia, TV and B2B, talks about his long-term association, trust and consistent success with Torry Harris.
Torry Harris named a ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave™
Forrester notes in this report, “Torry Harris is a full-fledged systems integrator that treats its API management solution as a versioned, supported product. Its product strategy is driven by a vision for platform business models and disruptive ecosystems. This, in turn, is exemplified by a corollary product, DigitMarket, which wraps the API management core with additional marketplace capabilities.”
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Creation of an integrated ecosystem using APIs for a UK Telco major
354 Live APIs
3X increase in API consumption
2 billion transactions in 2018
40 Partners onboarded
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