Although digital transformation includes initiatives like customer experience excellence, cloud platform adoption, advanced analytics, process automation, IoT, and more, industry leaders approach it from a more fundamental perspective. Their digital transformation starts with the realization that the future is virtually unpredictable, and they must live with two contradictions – acceptance and change, at the same time. This dialectical approach to transformation requires that organizations expand their thinking for continuous realignment and reconfiguration, so the old and new worlds can co-exist.

At Torry Harris, we call this process the Dialectical Digital Transformation (DDT). Our frameworks, practices, design methods, and technology architecture help you to retain (and accept the merits of) what works best in your legacy IT setup built over the years to differentiate your business, while changing the construct into modular, cloud-native, containerized microservices that foster a sustained high rate of digital business change.

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What we do for dialectical digital transformation

Our digital transformation consultants help you in

Identifying your key initiatives for advanced digital technologies to improve customer experience, operational intelligence, and process optimization, or open new markets and business opportunities.
Prioritizing, designing, and delivering digital solutions that move your business forward - either as turn-key projects or mentoring and collaborating with your teams.
Establishing the ideation methodology, tools, and team structures that provide the foundation for innovative thinking, business planning, and action.
Ensuring your teams have the culture and tools to operate in a collaborative-independent fashion to continually optimize your business operations.

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Our digital transformation approach & tools

Begin your technology transformation journey by adopting our digital transformation approach

Because leaders treat digital transformation as a never-ending stream of business change that must rapidly build one change upon the next, your transformation initiative must do as much to prepare and build your architecture, environment, and culture for change as it does to deliver any individual business change. Thus, we craft transformation engagements to address both today's implementation, and readiness for tomorrow's. To enable your organization's sustainable, rapid rate of business change, we ensure a strong understanding of:

  • How to build today's digital transformation in ways that foster and accelerate the speed of tomorrow's change.
  • The interconnectedness of all of an enterprise's business systems, processes, and customer relationships, and how this drives the need to build every solution for constant change.
  • How each area of tech innovation - such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, process automation, APIs, cloud computing, microservices, et al - has a unique impact on your business capabilities and market opportunities.
  • The need for domain design and other approaches that unify business and technology design.
  • How team structures and organizational culture can either foster or hinder rapid, sustainable rates of ongoing transformation.
Which aspects of digital transformation does your organization most need? What is our expertise? What tools do we use?
Digital maturity assessment
  • Assessment of your IT, Integration, and development process maturity in context of Digital Transformation
  • Data maturity to support digital transformation
  • Digital Maturity Model
  • Integration and API Maturity Model
Establishing digital ecosystem
  • Providing a framework and approach to combine your offerings with adjacent industry verticals in B2B, B2C and B2B2C models
  • Establishing a platform business model through a digital marketplace
  • Value orchestration of partner’s offerings through tools for deeper integration with partner systems
  • DigitMarketTM Marketplace from THIS
  • DigitMarketTM API Manager from THIS
Collaborative processes for transformation
  • Documenting Customer Journeys and Business Processes
  • Business architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Workshops with business and IT stakeholders to align the business and IT roadmap for Digital
  • Business model canvas
  • Capability roadmap
  • Value stream modeling
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • THIS DigitMarketTM
  • Torry Harris Learning
Channel-specific digital initiatives
  • Domain-driven design
  • Collaborative design with business and tech staff
  • New technology adoption
  • Risk management
  • Event storming and other business design techniques
  • Wire-framing and UX testing
  • API design & lifecycle tools
  • New tech as needed (IoT, analytics, blockchain, automation through RPA, Cloud, etc.)
Integration strategy and architecture to support digital
  • Analytics & automated decisioning
  • Cloud-native design
  • Cloud platforms & services
  • Microservice architecture
  • Integration strategy and delivery
  • Delivery automation & DevOps
  • Cloud platforms
  • API Management Platforms – DigitMarketTM API Manager
  • Containers & Kubernetes
  • iPaaS & IoT integration
  • Focused tech platforms (e.g., AI-ML, RPA)
  • Node.js, Go, Java, .NET Core
  • Automated governance and code pipeline tools
  • THIS DevOps Reference Implementation
  • THIS Deplomatic

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