Accelerated and automated business partner onboarding to reduce time to market for new services


Through the use of centralized API factory model with Torry Harris Integration Solutions that helped eliminate back end complexities, encourage collaboration and improve operational efficiency


The Company reduced average partner onboarding time from 6 weeks to 2 days, and automated back end service functions in just 2 weeks, empowering both IT and Marketing to turn service concepts into service offerings in record time.

BT’s agile API farm approach to accelerate partner driven business offerings
digital transformation strategy

BT’s acquisition of EE brought forth the challenge of consolidating BT’s fixed line, broadband and pay TV services with EE’s mobile network services, each with its own IT complexity and back end infrastructures. The company’s digital transformation goals would require a transition to technology first strategy focused around automation, eliminating manual processes and removing bottlenecks that slow time to market, and using digital channels and automation tools to accelerate service development times, and improve the customer and partner experience.

BT’s integrated digital transformation strategy embraced an API development process previously used by EE. It included improving the partner onboarding process through a centralized API approach that enabled different lines of business to reuse APIs from a centralized library. A federated model of execution allows those lines of businesses to become valuable stakeholders in the evolution of business needs, ensuring that scale and quality needs are met inclusively, and providing greater opportunity for API reuse, substantially reducing IT costs.

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