Enterprises often try to break down silos by extracting disparate data into central data stores, such as data marts, data warehouses, and data lakes. This is costly, adds latency to the data, requires accurate metadata, and needs to be co-located. Virtualization, on the other hand, can integrate data in real-time even when the data has not been merged. Torry Harris can help integrate all your data through virtualization using industry-leading tools. By harnessing the power of virtualization, we empower users to work with all kinds of data interfaces in real-time, simplify and expedite analytics on data stored in multiple systems and applications anywhere.

Establish a data virtualization architecture

We’ll study your current data management and governance practices, the data sources, and the integration challenges and then recommend a data virtualization solution based on the right product fit.

Align data virtualization with integration

Align your integration framework with data virtualization in terms of enabling API discovery of virtualized data, and secure exposure of APIs on an API gateway through integrating with an API management platform.


Build connectors

Develop connectors to your proprietary applications based on the SDK of your chosen data virtualization platform over and above out-of-the-box connectors provided by the platform.

API and virtual tables configuration using data virtualization

Develop APIs and define virtual views using the data virtualization tooling. We will integrate them with your analytics tools.


The client’s primary challenge was for its business users to identify where all of their data was located and how to get more value from that data through Tableau visualization. The current data preparation suffered from missing values, inaccuracies, or other errors, and separate data sets, with different formats, that needed to be reconciled when combined. This led to poor user experience on the Tableau dashboard as a result of query performance issues.

The first step was to create a BI strategy that aligned with the client’s business goals and vision. This ensured that the client would eventually reap the rewards of having actionable insights with future DIY-based development for BI teams. The solution presented was to create a data virtualization layer with the help of Denodo to accelerate data preparation for BI visualization requirements. It entailed the adoption of Smart Query (Summary) Acceleration technique to accelerate Tableau queries that take advantage of the data in the summary.

  • Saved 50-80% time to expose data sets as APIs
  • Tableau dashboard loading within five seconds, irrespective of the complexity

Businesses today need to react fast to changes in consumer sentiment. Traditional data lakes and ETL based solutions introduce latency, inconsistencies, and duplication in the data so any behavioral models working off it are disadvantaged even to start with. We seek to solve this issue for our clients with data virtualization. It enables our clients to correlate the right data directly from trusted sources and in real time. This capability empowers our clients to adjust their models and quickly react to changing market trends.

Our approach to data virtualization significantly improves business efficiency by simplifying the application landscape and providing a unified abstraction layer to different applications.

  • We start by looking into your current infrastructure to find ways to maximize data output with the most efficient outcomes.
  • Based on the analysis, our architects then create a virtual data model and map them to a variety of data sources.
  • Next, we combine your applications and data integration through a unified technology platform that supports APIs and SQL. By mapping interfaces, we ensure that both read and write access to data is supported.
  • Finally, we test your data virtualization architecture to ensure that real-time data delivery is available on all your data consumption platforms.
What data capabilities, data-driven value and insight do you need? What is our expertise? What tools do we use?
Customer 360, Partner 360, Anything 360
  • Data virtualization-based solution to implement Anything 360 using virtual tables.
  • Aggregating disparate data sources.
  • Building connectors to implement Anything 360.
  • Denodo
  • JBoss Data Virtualization
  • Ab Initio
Modernizing your legacy data warehouse
  • Replace your legacy data warehousing solution with data virtualization and virtual data marts.
  • Establish data virtualization as the standard enterprise-wide semantic data layer.
  • Denodo
  • JBoss Data Virtualization
  • Ab Initio
API enablement of legacy for internal and partner access
  • Expose data sets and other data sources as APIs using the data virtualization platform.
  • Identify and expose APIs securely on an API gateway to third parties.
  • Denodo
  • JBoss Data Virtualization
  • DigitMarketTM API Manager
Analytics and business intelligence
  • Modernize your traditional analytics solutions with data virtualization.
  • Build custom dashboards and visualization solutions driven by data virtualization.
  • Integrate with AI and ML tools for predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Denodo
  • JBoss Data Virtualization
  • 4Sight
Cloud-to-cloud integration / cloud-native data virtualization
  • Integrate data from multiple cloud sources (SaaS and PaaS Applications), including data from proprietary applications hosted on IaaS.
  • Building cloud-native solutions (microservices) using container frameworks alongside data virtualization for dynamic scaling.
  • Denodo accelerator built by THIS - Helm Charts for deploying Denodo workloads on Kubernetes cluster
  • Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services