Introducing Deplomatic, an API-first,
integration-friendly tool

Wouldn’t it be great to automatically deploy your software to test and production environments with a single click? Well, now it’s possible with Deplomatic.

The Deplomatic tool helps to quickly create and maintain environments that run on bare-metal, VMs, or containers. It helps automate and scale your release activities across multiple teams, methodologies and delivery patterns.

It uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to configure and manage different application components. It helps maintain and govern environments in private, public, or hybrid clouds and bare-metal servers.

With Deplomatic, you can:

  • Bridge the requirements of IT Governance and the technical teams through built-in workflows
  • Configure applications with all dependencies
  • Assign applications to multiple users, to be launched and managed in their own environments
  • Configure approval workflows to launch, start, stop, and restart environments
  • Configure and manage multiple deployment product architectures (single-tier/single-machine, multi-tier/multi-machine, and containers)

Drag-&-drop to
automate deployments

Key Features

  • Product/application management
  • Infrastructure as Code - provisioning application environments through machine-readable definition files
  • Environment management and monitoring dashboards
  • One-click deployment
  • Updates and patch management
  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Self-service portal
  • Role-based access control
  • Multiple platform and container support for all types of cloud and bare-metal servers
  • Multiple deployment architecture support
  • Multiple OS support

Modules of Deplomatic

The Deplomatic dashboard consists of 4 main modules:


This module manages Products that can be deployed and governed using Deplomatic. The tool supports configuration of multiple deployment architectures of the products on different cloud platforms. This is achieved by creating an additional application under a single product.


The Application module stores information about the product and its various versions that can be deployed using multiple deployment architectures.

Application versions

Users can launch environments for each Application Version, which is mapped to a deployment architecture.

A deployment architecture has information such as:

  • No. of components in the Application
  • Single machine/Multi machine/Container-based deployment
  • Software requirements
  • Cloud provider type on which the environment should be launched
  • Operating system to be used
  • Scripts required to automate the deployment

This information is used during actual environment creation.


This module manages Environments that are created on different platforms such as public/private/hybrid cloud, containers, and bare-metal servers.

The Deplomatic engine @ work

Infographic about the Deplomatic process

Why Deplomatic?

Better accuracy & repeatability


Deplomatic makes deployments less error-prone and more repeatable. Your deployments won’t suffer from inconsistency. Once configured, the process is set and will be the same each time a software release is initiated.
Frequent releases


Promote truly agile software development with frequent releases. Deplomatic empowers you to release applications frequently with added features – all thanks to the low overhead of an automated deployment.
Reduced risk of production outages


Test not only the application but also the deployment process. Frequent testing between production releases provides ample opportunity to detect occasional problems and develop robustness.
Reduced manual dependency


The knowledge of how to release your product is captured in the system, not in a human brain. No worries if your deployment personnel are unavailable. Now, anyone who has access to Deplomatic can initiate a release with a single click.
Better configurability


Deploying to somewhere new is no longer a headache. Deplomatic ensures configurable deployments. Whether you have to deploy the software to a new test environment or create a new client installation, just configure your existing setup and trust your tried-and-tested release automation to get the job done.
More focus on design than deployment
Executing and validating a manual deployment process is often an inefficient, unrewarding job. Free up your team to focus more on adding remarkable features and improvements to the software. Deplomatic initiates a fully automated deployment in seconds.

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