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Increase accuracy, lock-in scalability

The world has embraced automation. From newspapers and media conglomerates rapidly adapting to the current climate through digital means to the medical industry using IA to prescribe treatment plans, intelligent automation has helped most industries achieve resilience against market disruptions. If you are looking for integrated customer experiences, smoother onboarding processes, more accuracy and personalization in the information rendered to your customers, let’s look at the automation options available to accelerate your business.

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Lay the foundation to realize automation objectives

A typewriter and a macbook

Prepare your core legacy systems for automation

Your legacy systems help differentiate your business. To better leverage legacy and monetize your core business functionality built over the years, here is how we can help:

  • We help strategize, plan and implement legacy decomposition into granular microservices to achieve better modularity and data exposure. We start with the mapping of legacy components to microservices architecture → business process re-engineering
  • We integrate your legacy data from internal/external applications to improve automation use case accuracy
  • Our API-first approach facilitates automation of legacy functionality and seamless integration
  • We work with you to identify candidates for automation through RPA, AI, ML

Re-engineer your business processes to benefit from automation

If you need an expert pair of eyes to study your current processes for automation opportunities, our experience could come in handy. We use tools built by our CoE to identify automation opportunities in enterprise’ customer journeys and business processes. We can help you with:

  • Performing customer journey mapping to highlight points of impact through automation
  • Application of design thinking methods to include customers and users in your processes
  • Identifying opportunities for re-engineering processes and products
  • Defining and executing a process re-engineering roadmap with a phased, iterative approach
A typewriter and a macbook
A typewriter and a macbook

Build efficiencies in back-office operations through enterprise mobility

Your back-office is the engine that drives your organization forward. By automating your people-centric services, you can reduce running costs, improve productivity and efficiency. Torry Harris can build effective enterprise mobility solutions to help liberate your staff from day-to-day, monotonous tasks. We can help with:

  • Enabling mobile optimization of core back-office operations to empower field services staff
  • Providing & setup of device management solutions to ensure mobile devices meet business standards
  • Building advanced mobile solutions using RPA, AR, ML & AI
  • Exposing back-office data points for efficient operations, like dealing with inventory & order backlog
  • Improving supply chain automation through enterprise mobility

Full suite automation

Explore the power of self-acting, self-healing systems

Today, we have retail giants using robots to improve efficiency in fulfilling orders. Intelligent automation is being used in drone technology. IA is employed in cars for automatic lane control, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. And there’s more on the horizon! Where does automation fit into your business?

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Digital process automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Want to boost capacity and ease the burden on your staff? Let the robots do the hard work! By digitally transforming your back-office and front-office processes with the help of RPA, you can manage workload peaks more easily. No need to hire temporary staff or redeploy staff from other departments. Now your current employees can do more valuable tasks while your organization automates the mundane ones. Torry Harris can help to:

  • Align RPA with your Digital strategy
  • Identify and replace manual processes with Robotic Process Automation solutions
  • Recommend the best RPA products for your challenges
  • Define and measure cost and efficiency improvements of RPA solutions for better roi
  • Enable APIs from your back-office operations for easy integration with RPA tools
  • Leverage RPA solutions for your customer-facing processes
  • Provide RPA solutions for back-office processes → supply chain, inventory, etc
  • Integrate RPA with preferred points of engagement–mobile apps, tablets, etc
  • Create custom dashboards to track automation metrics in near real-time
Automation through IoT

How would you like it if you could produce a string of automated actions using IoT to streamline business processes? Torry Harris can help you:

  • Perform IoT enablement of your physical assets to facilitate automation
  • Enable location-awareness in your physical assets to enable and track automation
  • Provide IoT-enabled wearable devices to your field services staff to empower and increase efficiency
  • Develop solutions that integrate data from sensor devices and applications through our award-winning “IoT-Glue™” automation framework
  • Develop IoT-based solutions using Azure IoT, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and other third-party automation frameworks
  • Integrate with IoT device management products for automating administrative functions
  • Combine all elements of automation in the IoT solution through our integration services – AI, ML, RPA, voice, VR and AR
Chatbots and conversational interfaces

You can now have instant, tailored, two-way conversations in real-time that are satisfying for your customers. Set the right first impression and meet the needs of existing clients. To get you started, here’s what Torry Harris can help you with:

  • Creating chatbots and voice-driven applications → We integrate third-party chatbot libraries with your data sources
  • API-enabled business functions → Required by the chatbot, through application integration
  • API enablement of your legacy systems → To help your legacy systems support chatbots
  • Enhancing chatbot experience through Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI and ML
  • Creating voice-driven, conversational business applications using Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Leveraging advanced automation solutions for back-office operations using Mobility, voice, augmented reality, AI, and ML
  • Enabling chatbots for business users to render custom business dashboards and reports
Process automation through API-enablement and integration

Are you looking for a long-term, reliable solution to manage your business processes? Would you like to reduce your operational complexities? Are your customers, vendors, and partners struggling to connect with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help. To make your business more cohesive, here are a few things we can do for you:

  • Define your API strategy for automating internal and outbound functions
  • Identify and define integration points with your backend applications with API enablement to fulfil automation use cases
  • Establish API developer portals for your partners to engage with you in a self-service driven approach
  • Implement a channel strategy to identify avenues of automation for business channels like mobile apps, e-commerce, web-based self-service and back-office operations.
Automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Now you can simplify your processes, lower running costs, and accelerate your journey by embracing advanced artificial intelligence solutions. Here’s what Torry Harris can do to make your applications smarter and improve your business results:

  • Define AI and ML strategies for your organization aligning to your digital strategy
  • Design architecture and development of automation solutions using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
  • Identify best-fit tools and frameworks for AI and ML, -based on current business needs
  • Create data lakes and big data to enable AI and ML solutions
  • Provide services using third-party tools and frameworks such as IBM Watson, Tensorflow, Microsoft AI, etc
  • Integrate AI and ML in application monitoring through our solution accelerators, to detect failures before they occur using anomaly detection techniques
  • Make AI and ML solutions available to a variety of channels → mobile apps, tablet apps and web applications
  • Provide advanced AI-driven solutions to augment human capability such as computer vision and augmented reality
  • Support machine learning-based solution development to detect and prevent security threats and fraudulent activities, to protect your revenue
Automation through Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

Make the most of augmented reality and its sister tech, mixed reality, by applying them to your routine business processes. Automate your processes in the most realistic, reliable, and cost-effective way by adopting AR and MR. When you need to reimagine your business processes, we can help with:

  • Automating your business processes through augmented reality by superimposing contextual data over your physical assets to instantly access deeper attributes
  • Developing custom AR solutions on the iOS and Android platforms for smartphones and tablets
  • Developing virtual reality-based solutions to improve visualizations and perform tasks efficiently
  • Creating interactive dashboards using a combination of AR, VR, and voice to help managers monitor your automation metrics in real-time
  • Advanced visualization of your back-office operations through real-time data integration

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Three Ireland’s trusted youth brand 48 disrupts market with unique digital experience
  • Since the relaunch in March 2020, subscribers quadrupled to 110,000
  • Churn reduced by 67%
  • The mobile-first customer portal increased mobile traffic by 40%
  • Deployment times decreased by 80%
  • 23-times more customers onboard each day on average
Case study - Three Ireland’s trusted youth brand 48 disrupts market with unique digital experience
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Torry Harris has been named a 'Leader' in The Forrester Wave™: Specialist API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers. Forrester says, “Torry Harris has a long heritage of specializing in integration, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and APIs … Of particular note is DigitMarket™ — a digital marketplace offering that embodies much of the firm’s thought leadership on API-based platform business models, including a built-in API management solution.”

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