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Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Key Features

  • Simulate ReST and SOAP services
  • Input format - Swagger files for ReST, WSDL files for SOAP services
  • Support for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods in ReST
  • Create WSDL/Swagger 2.0 based mock services; generate dummy data for API testing
  • Get an endpoint URL that can be used on a third party SOAP client tool
  • Improves quality by facilitating functional testing
  • Can handle multiple test scenarios together
Why AutoStub®?

Highly Customizable

  • Users can define the number of request/response pairs to be generated and can modify request/response data based on requirement.

Fast and Simple

  • AutoStub® lends itself beautifully to an Agile model. It reduces delivery time by generating mock data for the front-end team even before the back-end infrastructure is ready.


  • It maintains the standard from early stage of development as mock services are generated from WSDL/Swagger templates. Using similar mock services for testing can help to identify the issues at an early stage.


  • AutoStub® works with Swagger 2.0 and WSDL documents, as per industry-standards and is future-ready to adapt to changing specifications

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