If anything in your digital business systems needs dedicated, flexible, top-notch, attention, it's your portfolios of APIs and microservices. They are the fulcrum of your digital transformation lever - especially the major business APIs that represent your core digital business capabilities. Why a fulcrum? Because with a fulcrum in the right place - and with strong API and microservices portfolios - the lever accomplishes much more. Using the Factory Delivery Model, Torry Harris provides flexible capacity to deliver, maintain, and support high-quality APIs and microservices to drive your business forward.

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What we do for API Factory Delivery

We help in...

Ensuring the APIs and microservices your digital business needs are delivered quickly, efficiently, and with world-class designs and API management practices.
Providing flexible capacity so that your transformation initiatives are paying only for the resources they need at the time, whether a little or a lot.
Enhancing quality and capacity for whichever parts of the API/microservice lifecycle will advance your organization's transformation initiatives.
Ensuring your APIs are published into well-managed portfolios and products with comprehensive and usable documentation that engages your external API relationships and communities.
Mentoring your staff in all aspects of the API and microservices lifecycle, building your organization's capability and competency to strategically leverage all types of APIs and microservices.

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Our approach and tools

To foster the modular, flexible operations required for ongoing digital transformation, teams need a combination of focused, independent delivery (e.g., for innovation within a business domain or product) and collaboration across teams (e.g., for larger, cross-domain innovations). Each team must have deep expertise within its domain, as well as the ability to expand and contract resources with the flow of innovation priorities and opportunities. To adapt API and microservice factory delivery to these needs, we ensure a strong understanding of:

  • Your organization's approach to team structures and digital transformation initiatives - we tune our factory model to work the way you work, whether via highly iterative, individual API delivery or longer-term projects that deliver a complete portfolio of APIs and microservices.
  • The expertise needed for each business domain - we establish the right levels of upfront and ongoing collaboration so that each API designer/developer knows your business and can contribute to API design and testing in ways that foster your team's innovation efforts.
  • Your team's flow and volumes of work - we stay closely in touch with your team to ensure that when they need to quickly ramp up work, our factory can ramp up in line with your team's flow of work. Our ‘Service Point’ commercial model defines the unit of development effort mapped to a complexity matrix. It gives you flexibility in planning your budget.
  • The support needs and impact of your API products - APIs are always important, yet some are highly critical because of their customer visibility or functionality. Our factories adjust to each API's needs, ensuring priority APIs get appropriate attention throughout our activities for API design, test, manage, and support.
What factory features will drive your innovation? What is our expertise? What tools do we use?
Off-shore factory
  • Agile development
  • Integration & microservices
  • API Proxy and Policy configuration on the gateway
  • Microgateway and Service Mesh
  • Automated testing
  • API security
  • API quality and governance
  • Agile development
  • Integration & microservices
  • Automated testing
  • Jira, Confluence for planning
  • Torry Harris DevOps Framework
  • THIS AutoStub® & other tools
  • THIS AutomatonTM & other testing tools
  • THIS Deplomatic, Ansible, Terraform, HELM Charts
  • Java/SpringBoot/.NET, NodeJS, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, LinkerD
  • THIS RepoProTM
API portfolio management
  • Business architecture and design
  • Domain-driven design
  • Customer journey and value-stream mapping for APIs
  • API product management
  • API management & lifecycle tooling
  • API Farm model
  • API design tools
  • THIS RepoProTM
Legacy to Cloud Native
  • Decomposing legacy components into microservices
  • Microservices build using the factory model
  • THIS DigitMarketTM
  • THIS Coupler
  • Java/SpringBoot/.NET
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Istio/LinkerD.
API production support
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Support
  • Environment Health check
  • AutomationTM
  • API observability and monitoring
  • Case management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Social monitoring
  • Data, application, process, and event-based integration products and platforms
  • iPaaS
  • Diverse integration tools
  • SaaS platform tools
  • Reliable messaging
  • Advanced custom coding and microservices patterns

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