Summary decks

To help organisations stay ahead of disruption, we collated company-wide knowledge and our collective experience on topics ranging from data integration to healthcare interoperability APIs. Discover challenges, case-studies and approaches discussed in our MeetUp sessions in this collection of consumable, bite-sized decks.

Torry Harris Data Integration Services

Data integration is core to all digital transformation. Digital companies are laser-focused on customer experience. Creating data-driven, actionable insights is how they win and keep customers. This comes from being able to combine disparate data sets through data integration to gain a unified and more valuable view of it than ever before.

Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) is a data integration specialist, that offers consultancy and build solutions to accelerate your journey to generating and acting on insights to gain business advantages.

Practical use-cases to monetize Open Banking APIs

In this webinar, Thomas Zink – IDC research director for European financial services talked about the revenue potential of API enabled use-cases and how to overcome barriers to adoption. Karthik TS – Head, CoE, Torry Harris detailed the best practices to productize APIs, effective API management and marketplace-banking solutions.

Microservices Governance: Best practices for CSPs

A well-thought-out governance approach can help offset the costs implementing Microservices and deliver higher benefits from your investments.

This webinar, jointly organized by TMForum and Torry Harris Integration Solutions, featured Mark Newman – Chief Analyst, TMForum talking about real-life examples of microservices adoption and potential do’s and don’ts for microservices in the telecoms sector. Karthik TS – Head, CoE at Torry Harris Integration Solutions detailed potential use-case candidates for microservices adoption in the telecoms sector along with best practices in governing microservices.

Torry Harris API and Application Integration Governance Framework

An API and application integration governance framework should facilitate good governance. It must allow the initiative to evolve, and iteratively present best practices based on results achieved. The Torry Harris API and Application Integration Governance Framework enables cohesive integration across the enterprise such that all elements are connected, rationalized, and organized to provide consistent guidance and incentives that executives and business unit leaders require.