A powerful suite of products to advance your digital business imperatives

An enterprise repository tool to simplify storage & track your assets. Helps enterprises manage their assets through a unified, central repository using automation and a rich visualization of relationships between assets.
Coupler is a flow-based visual integration tool that offers an alternative, simpler method to build microservices using a low-code / no-code approach. It accelerates your microservices initiative by upto 40% by rapidly and seamlessly integrating external data sources and applications.
The Deplomatic tool helps to quickly create and maintain environments that run on bare-metal, VMs, or containers. It helps automate and scale your release activities across multiple teams, methodologies and delivery patterns. Deplomatic uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to configure and manage different application components.
A mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows enterprises to monetize IoT investments by seamlessly gluing disparate things together. It is an API driven robust technology framework with scalable, vertical-specific solutions.
A marketplace-banking product by Torry Harris that helps banks worldwide to offer innovative new products to customers through an API-driven marketplace solution and a simple user interface.
An essential tool to speed up API development. It can significantly reduce your build time by quickly designing, prototyping, documenting and testing APIs.
A test automation tool with a visual flow-chart-based design interface. It enables complete test automation of all components of an application - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations.