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Data integration is core to all digital transformation

Digital companies are laser-focused on customer experience. Creating data-driven, actionable insights is how they win and keep customers.

This comes from being able to combine disparate data sets through data integration to gain a unified and more valuable view of it than ever before.

Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) is a data integration specialist, that offers consultancy and build solutions to accelerate your journey to generating and acting on insights to gain business advantages.

What does THIS offer and how does it help customers?

THIS offers both consultancy and data integration implementation services. Customers can mix and match THIS’ services to suit their current and future needs.

APIs, API enablement of large data stores

APIs are a pragmatic way for enterprise to securely expose its data to its partner network. THIS can also help its customers set up tools and frameworks to use Open APIs to support controlled public access. This includes API management products like gateways, a developer portal and publisher portal, and an authentication server.

Exposing data via THIS’ DigitMarketTM API Manager makes it faster and easier to get to the business benefits, at less cost – Forrester Research described it as “digital ecosystem enablement in one package”.

Data virtualization

THIS’ data virtualization platform services enable customers to standardize access to data across disparate systems, protocols, data formats and more via APIs. Virtualization enables customers to ‘see’ all that data in one repository without moving it from its original location.

Data virtualization is a great way to transform traditional data warehouses, enabling real-time access to data, overcoming the limitations of extract, transform, load (ETL) tools. THIS sets up this centralized resource securely, providing controlled access to the data from internal applications.

Customers can also expose virtualized data to the outside world securely via an API gateway.

We partner with the leading data virtualization experts, such as Denodo, to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Cloud-based data lakes

The first step is to identify the right cloud service for our customers, based on their needs, then we set up the data lake on that cloud. All our data lake solutions support structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. THIS can help customers migrate their traditional data lakes to a cloud-based solution, or build a real-time bridge between multiple lakes, whether on-premise or in multiple clouds.

Cloud-enabling data platforms

Another option for THIS customers is for us to migrate their legacy data platform to cloud-based services and set-up a cloud-based warehouse. This hybrid data integration solution can leverage both traditional tools and cloud-based services. The data architecture is transformed using in-memory data grids (IMDG), with proven frameworks like Gigaspaces’ SmartDIH and Smart Cache.

An IMDG is a set of networked or clustered computers that pool their random access memory (RAM) so applications can share data with other applications running in the cluster. They are designed to process data at extremely high speeds, and for building and running applications that are too large to run on a single server. THIS partners with Gigaspaces to help customers get the most value out of the frameworks.

Data containerization using microservices

An important element of data integration is identifying which data needs containerization and which should remain within legacy applications. THIS helps clients with that evaluation, and can re-engineer and modernize the appropriate legacy applications to using a cloud-native model including microservices.

Instead of keeping the data in a single database, each data set is containerized on a highly elastic Kubernetes platform with high availability. The resulting data portability helps, for example, if a company has a product catalog – the catalog for one line of business becomes a containerized data set. It is highly available for all applications that need it, whether a web or mobile application, or for fulfilling applications. The catalog is fed from the containerized data, independent of any traditional database, and can be moved from on-premise to a Kubernetes set-up on the most suitable cloud.

Access to this data is secure using policy-driven API gateways and micro-gateways.

Analytics and business intelligence

THIS can help customers design and build business intelligence (BI) solutions using a combination of cloud-based and cloud-native tools and help with data modelling for hybrid analytics solutions. Our customers’ analytics platforms gain new capabilities when THIS enables them with APIs, especially when used in conjunction with modern tools from the Elastic stable, including:

  • ElasticSearch – a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine for all types of data;
  • Logstash – an open source data collection engine with real-time pipelining capabilities;
  • Kibana – a free and open user interface that lets users visualize their Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack; and
  • Grafana Labs – a single screen, operational dashboards for all kinds of data, wherever it is located.
Data streaming

THIS can set up data streaming platforms for its customers using Apache Kafka or cloud-based services, depending on what they need – and THIS can also help customers identify which use cases to concentrate on. By establishing and running stream-processing applications, customers can achieve real-time data synchronization and replication, and real-time streaming analytics.

Why choose Torry Harris?

THIS offers a unique range of data integration expertise, experience, tools and technologies. In addition to those mentioned above, they include:

Includes a data generation engine that can generate millions of mock data to test data volumes. With just a few simple clicks, you will be able to create a large volume of data. It is also an essential tool for speeding up API development – and as outlined above, APIs are a cornerstone of data integration. AutoStub can significantly reduce build time by designing, prototyping, documenting and testing APIs. It creates a functional mock that allows developers to work with APIs before they are fully implemented.

Automates deployment of your data services using ‘Infrastructure as a Code’ paradigm. It is an API-first, integration-friendly tool for quickly creating and maintaining data environments that run on containers. It accelerates microservices initiatives by up to 40% by rapidly and seamlessly integrating external data sources and applications. Deplomatic ensures deployments are less error-prone and more repeatable, without modifications and inconsistencies, through frequent testing between production releases.

Is a multiple award-winning, no-code tool that completely automates the testing of data interfaces, APIs, user interface components and all the other elements of an application. It includes modules to connect to external data sources to validate data changes at the source level. The no-code, simple interface means users can run tests without coding knowledge. The tool comes with a rich set of APIs that helps AutomatonTM integrate with popular continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

Enables the seamless management of API cycles, which are core to modern data integration activities. It helps defining and enforcing policies in containerized microservices. When a number of APIs are in use simultaneously, this application helps monetize applications and monitor security from one place – the publisher portal – and all without the user needing any knowledge of coding.

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