Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Drag-and-drop to automate tests
Key Features
Test Automation Framework
Data-Driven Testing
Upload bulk
credentials through
single CSV file.
Automation Framework
Regression Testing
Take a big leap from
execution planning to
creation of regression plans.
End To End Testing Framework
Access reusable test
steps while executing
the new test case.
End To End Automation Testing
Test cases and steps can be
duplicated and shared
with other users within
the group.
Test Automation
No-Code Testing
Codeless testing
automation is powered by
flow chart-based UI.
Automation Framework
UX & Usability
Configurable GUI and CLI
enable users to handle most
complex test cases easily.
Automation Tool
Easy to Use
Intuitive UI and support
documentation help
the users to understand
the tool quickly.
Why AutomatonTM?

User Friendly

  • A flow chart-based UI allows you to drive fast, efficient, codeless test automation.

Easy to Manage

  • It simplifies management of test cases by capturing the application flow in a single flow chart.

Agile Tool for DevOps

  • Can be integrated with any popular CI tool like Jenkins.

Tailored SaaS Editions

  • Customized SME editions for small and medium businesses.

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