Breaking the longstanding development and operations logjam, DevOps solutions promise to streamline operations and redefine how teams interact from a technology standpoint. In a sense, you may call it philosophy transformation with company resources being the biggest beneficiaries. In this infographic, we’ll give you a rundown of DevOps strategies and why it’s fundamentally crucial for the future of tech businesses.

Optimize Your Digital Transformation Journey with DevOPS


A culture that promotes better working relationships within the company.
A set of standards that provide rapid, reliable, and predictable software delivery.
A strategy that improves IT service delivery agility.
An environment that promotes cross practicality, shared business tasks and beliefs.
A software development method that streamlines communication, collaboration, and integration between developers and operations personnel.
4 Reasons Why Organizations Need DevOps?
Companies with DevOps deploy 200× more frequently that companies without.*
Companies with DevOps enjoy 20 × faster recoveries from failure & minimal downtime.*
89% companies that adopted DevOps saw an average 18.5%* revenue increase.*
83% companies with frequent releases saw above 10% revenue growth.*

When is DevOps required?

Building and maintaining servers is time consuming  
Error-prone manual deployment  
Deployments are a blocker  
Frequent downtimes  
Differences in development & production environments  
Discrepancies in managing configurations  
Deployments are dependent on a deployment engineer  
Continuous Release and deployment
Continuous measurement
Immediate service failure recovery
Continuous Security monitoring
Continuous Infrastructure monitoring
Containerized workload
Continuous Integration and Testing
DevOps Pipeline
DevOps Technologies Adopted
Configuration Management
Metrics Reporting
Dashboard Development
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