February 28, 2022: New York (USA), Bristol (UK), Bangalore (India) - Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), a recognized leader in integration strategy, API Management and delivery, today announced their nomination as finalists in the DevOps Excellence Awards 2022. The initiatives delivered by THIS under these five categories include:

  • Best AIOps/MLOps Tool – for 4Sight tool
  • Best Use of Compliance as Code – API Conformance engine
  • Most Successful Cultural Transformation – business intelligence related transformation for a major UK Telecom provider / CSP
  • DevOps Project of the Year – for an event streaming platform initiative
  • Best DevOps Services Company – for multiple DevOps and DevSecOps initiatives across the globe

Computing's DevOps Excellence Awards showcase outstanding achievements from organizations, personalities and solutions that have successfully applied DevOps methodologies. There are many ways to move towards a DevOps culture, and these awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the best of every organization, team, individual, product and tool.

We are glad to be recognized for our DevOps services excellence. We work hard to bring value to our customers, through tools, frameworks and services across the entire DevOps lifecycle, from planning and implementation to testing and application monitoring.
Shuba Sridhar, VP - Strategic Initiatives,
Torry Harris

“We bring tools to the mix, to improve productivity and reduce errors. The DevOps application development and services arm of THIS is strengthened by tools such as 4Sight (an AI & ML based analytics and prediction tool), Deplomatic (an automated deployment tool), AutomatonTM (an automation tool for end-to-end application testing) and AutoStub® (an essential tool to speed up API development),” she further adds.

About Torry Harris
Torry Harris is a multinational provider of business, technology, and IT consulting services. For over two decades, it is focused on providing solutions in the areas of Integration for digital enablement, digital marketplace services, full life-cycle API management, IoT and digital ecosystem enablement. The company is headquartered in New Jersey (USA), with development centers in Bangalore, India. It has offices in Bristol (UK), Slough (UK), Dubai (UAE), Dublin (Ireland), Munich (Germany) and Paris (France). Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. To know more, visit https://www.torryharris.com/uk
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