Simple, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop!

Core components of IoT Glue®

An administration module for user, device and service management
Real-Time Builder
Deals with configuring rules and action for real-time streaming data
A platform management component to manage and control configurations and operations of another components
Unifies multiple protocols to drive interoperability
Block Runner
A machine learning component that enables anomaly detection, predictive analytics and behavioural analytics
X Builder
An interactive end-user app configuration tool
Why IoT Glue®?

Affordable Redistribution License Model

  • Customer focused business model for license redistribution
  • Offer IoT Glue® as your own branded offering
  • Add multiple IoT solutions with single license cost and boost your ROI

Secure Design

  • IoT Glue® is developed using “security by design” principles
  • Role-based authentication and authorization

Outstanding User Experience

  • An easy drag-and-drop UI
  • Well-organized dashboards
  • Dynamic graphs

Single Platform Advantage

  • Single platform to connect, collect, process and analyze data
  • Crisp data visualization


  • A highly modular plug-and-play platform
  • Multiple integration touch points

Minimal Change Impact

  • IoT Glue® works seamlessly with other third-party tools you may have invested in already

Partner Ecosystem

  • Enables developers to unleash integration expertise by leveraging our widespread partner ecosystem

Full Cycle System Integration

  • We offer extended System Integration to assist your partners as well to get on-boarded into your platform

Tailored SME Editions

  • We offer customized SME Editions for progressive businesses which can be scaled up with business growth

What's New

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