A well-thought-out governance approach can help offset the costs of implementing Microservices and deliver higher benefits from your investments.

In this webinar, Mark Newman – Chief Analyst, TMForum talks about real-life examples of microservices adoption and potential do’s and don’ts for microservices in the telecoms sector. Karthik TS – Head, CoE, Torry Harris details potential use-case candidates for microservices adoption in the telecoms sector along with best practices in governing microservices.

We discussed...

  • A “How-to” guide for microservices governance – what to govern, how to govern, approach, governance structure, platform technology approach etc.
  • Industry examples and practical use-cases for microservices adoption
  • Tips to overcome current barriers to adoption

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Mark Newman
Chief Analyst, TMForum
Mark has 25 years of experience delivering insights on the future of the telecoms sector to senior-level executives and audiences. His recent research has focused on telco business models, digital transformation, service provider diversification, and the intersection between internet and telecoms.
Karthik T.S
Head of CoE, Torry Harris
Karthik heads the Product & IP division of Torry Harris. He has over 18 years of experience driving digital strategy objectives and related technology implementation programs. He provides leadership and direction to Torry Harris’ Product Engineering, Design/User Experience and Technology Labs. He is the co-author of the book: "Digital API Economy - Beneficiaries, Enablers and Catalysts".

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