Torry Harris works with you to better prepare and realise your IoT ecosystem
Our specialists integrate and API-enable your company’s assets
We deliver fast and effective connectivity with people, applications and things

Our IoT platform "IoT Glue®", a key component of our IoT integration solutions, follows the Industry 4.0 design principles:

of Things

Seamless integration of devices, humans and production/application environments over the internet
Developing simulation models for virtualised system management
Decentralised intelligent systems capable of decision-making, based on pattern derived from Machine Learning
Real-Time Capability
Big Data and Analytics for real-time data processing
Service Orientation
Cloud-based web-services
Stackable devices and an ever-growing API stack
IoT Service Offerings

Our gateway product, 'DigitMarketTM – API Gateway' offers you a simple and secure means to connect to things, applications and people. To service your IoT needs, we offer the following IoT Integration services:

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IoT Strategy

  • Guidance for businesses looking to define an IoT strategy. We also outline the business value of different IoT use-cases for you
  • Defining the specific parameters to improve your ROI
  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of your IoT initiative
  • IoT system integration/application integration
  • Creating an IoT technology strategy; identifying key hardware, software and middleware components

Integration of IoT Applications

  • Propose IoT integration solutions to help heterogeneous components to communicate better
  • Advice on API-Enablement of devices
  • Define standards and methodologies for monitoring and management of internet of things integration
  • Security audit of IoT platforms and IoT cloud service providers
  • Security layer enhancement / development
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Cloud-based hosting for data storage, analysis and processing
  • Customised and real-time reporting
  • Machine learning, creation of a rules engine to detect risks and patterns
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IoT Ecosystem and Collaboration

  • Partnerships with white-label hardware manufacturers to offer your business a more comprehensive solution
  • Collaboration with IoT-standards bodies such as AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Foundation and the Industrial Internet Consortium, to closely monitor developments in this area. Ensure your IoT development initiatives are standards-compliant

Gateway to IoT

  • Connect your enterprise assets with the outside world using DigitMarketTM API Gateway
  • Seamlessly manage your API cycles to connect applications, people and things
  • Scale your APIs and give them quick exposure
  • Use DigitMarketTM Gateway - a secure and scalable API Gateway to create more gateways based on your enterprise needs
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