If digital commerce is crucial to your success, then a marketplace can greatly multiply it. DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace is a foundation to give you the power of new ecosystem models for partnering and e-commerce. With it you can:

  • Offer to your customers an extended range of products and purchase options.
  • Go beyond traditional marketplaces to offer not only physical products, but also services and digital products.
  • Establish new go-to-market models and value propositions for new and existing customers.
  • Enhance current products with communities of value-added products and services.

With DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace, you can build not only traditional online marketplaces where, in one integrated e-commerce presence, customers buy products from you and your partners, you can also build new styles of marketplaces with service offerings, digital products, and even bundles that combine multiple types of products and services. You might build:

  • A traditional E-commerce site, where the value offered is limited to your own intrinsic capability and inventory.
  • A Marketplace 1.0 model, where you extend your online presence and derive new revenue via a marketplace platform. Customers get convenient access to an expanded range of products offered by you and a dynamic community of sellers.
  • A Marketplace 2.0 model – a true differentiator - where you enable your customers to offer marketplaces of their own. For example, when, like a telco or a bank, your services and products provide technical or financial infrastructure and connectivity, you can parlay your central position in the ecosystem to provide a trusted, customized marketplace platform as a value-added service to accelerate the digital capabilities of your partners and customers, facilitating their path to marketplace value of their own.
  • B2B, B2C and B2B2X ecosystems with tailored workflows for product sales or leasing services, digital or physical assets, or whatever product or service you and your partners sell,
Source: Ovum’s "On the Radar" Report, October 08, 2019
Analyst: Hansa Iyengar

Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace features and functions

We have everything you need to power your scalable marketplace platform, building your place in the digital economy - while also supporting your partner, contributor and customers’ digital ecosystems. DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace has:

  • An integrated catalog for the physical products, digital products, services, and other value that your marketplace will offer.
  • Integration with e-commerce engines, allowing you and your sellers to continue to leverage advanced e-commerce features.
  • Safe and secure payments that meet all security standards and can be integrated with all the major payment gateways.
  • API-based enabled integration for order and shipping management (for product offerings).
  • API-based enabled integration for bookings and vendor availability (for services offerings).
  • Taxonomy and tagging to categorize offerings, along with multimode filter options, layout customization, and paginated offering displays.
  • Multiple authentication and authorization strategies, including social media logins (like Facebook and Google).
  • Built-in analytics to track key factors like how many people visited your storefront, customer behavior insights, and bounce rates.
  • Custom dashboards and KPIs for everything from sales volumes and transactions to users and product performance - and more.
  • Content management for content blocks, discounts, banners, blogs, campaigns, privacy and other policy pages.

1. Admin interface for platform owners

  • Manages partners, catalogues, products, campaigns, orders, events and more
  • On-boards vendors
  • Provides deep analytics and actionable insights
  • Oversees several storefronts from a single place

2. Partner portal

  • Partners define and manage their products, leads, dashboards, reports, etc
  • Gives the option to create multiple stores with separate products, categories and product classes

3. Storefront

  • Displays products and their features
  • Provides all the components needed to create a branded storefront - including APIs, layouts, widgets and content management systems, etc

Product management

It can build digital ecosystems faster. DM – Digital Marketplace can manage and optimise product offerings with stock, variants, reviews, comments, sub-product packages and product price plans features.


Category management

Our digital marketplace software comes with a built-in API-based recommendation engine to support your cross- and up-selling efforts and helps you define multiple hierarchical categories with Facet, Storage, Display Style and Category Home layout choices.


Vendor management

The on-boarding process integrates your marketplace with external systems as standard (via Business Process Management) and our custom branding and feature options allow your vendors to tailor the platform to their needs too.


Customer management

Easily manages customer conflicts, preferences, orders and next best actions with our built-in customer management system. It helps group customers into different clusters to configure group-based storefront customisations.

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