Torry Harris helps enterprises use SnapLogic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tools to automate business processes, accelerate decision-making and deliver successful business outcomes.

SnapLogic is a leader in Intelligent Integration. The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) is a simple and powerful solution that connects applications and data from across your business, giving you access to data and analytics that will drive sales, new products and customer satisfaction.

The elastic integration platform breaks down data siloes and accelerates data and process flows across applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. The hybrid integration platform ensures all applications and data are connected whether on-premise or in the cloud.

What we do

Torry Harris ensures your SnapLogic implementation delivers maximum return on investment. We provide:


Consulting services and a design Roadmap: Our certified SnapLogic experts analyse your business requirements and deliver integration designs that are customised to your transformation goals.


Setup and Implementation: We define and design end-to-end integration architectures to achieve a fully compliant, unified ecosystem, ensuring that business outcomes are achieved.


Migration and Integration: Our Data Integration specialists have many years of expertise providing a variety of data integration solutions. We offer ready-to-use solutions that support legacy and cloud-native products.


Product Training: Our specialised training team and SnapLogic experts deliver industry-grade training to give your IT and operations teams the confidence to execute your digital transformation ambitions.


Support and Maintenance: Torry Harris provides on-demand technical assistance for zero-downtime performance while ensuring rapid compliance so that you can seize emerging opportunities at pace.

Our SnapLogic services

Torry Harris supports products and features in the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform solution:

SnapLogic API Management

  1. Torry Harris helps you build an API-driven digital ecosystem and enables you to monetize new products and services quickly.
  2. We provide end-to-end solutions for achieving API lifecycle management, including API policy and configuration and API versioning and release management.
  3. We design and develop powerful dashboards to manage and monitor APIs.
  4. We provide support and management for OpenAPI standards.
  5. Our team also delivers API documentation, reference documentation and user guides.

SnapLogic Intelligent Connectors

  1. Our team designs and develops the Snaps connectors, enabling you to connect multiple endpoints and access disparate data sources on the Intelligent Integration Platform.

SnapLogic Data Science

  1. We help you deploy machine learning models.
  2. We provide design and development services for prediction models.
  3. Our team supports data collection and preparation.
  4. We continually evaluate the trained model and provide parameter tuning.

SnapLogic Extract Load Transform

  1. We help you load data from different sources and transfer it to your cloud data warehouse.

SnapLogic B2B Integration

  1. We modernize B2B integrations at scale to support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions among your partner and customer digital ecosystems.
  2. We develop scalable marketplace platforms and provide effective trading partner management.
  3. Our experts strategize with you and deliver design, development maintenance and curation services for your platform.
  4. We build integration services from existing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems and support migration from legacy to next-generation digital platforms. We also design microservice architectures.
  5. We deliver analytics and actionable insights.
  6. We provide support for cloud-based B2B/EDI gateway.

SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

  1. Our experts handle mission-critical integrations.
  2. We provide scalable data processing for real-time analytics.
  3. We also deploy machine learning-based models.

Why choose Torry Harris

  • For more than 20 years, Torry Harris has specialized in integration and APIs, enabling enterprises to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
  • Torry Harris is a recognized leader in API strategy and delivery with a team of experts in API design, development and monetization. We are a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave buying guide for API Management solutions.
  • We believe integration is fundamental to digital transformation. We take a holistic approach to integration that starts with understanding your business objectives and designing solutions that will achieve the goals of your digital investment.
  • With more than two decades of experience, we have established a Hybrid Integration Platform model that ensures seamless integration among on-premises, public, private and multi-cloud environments and provides the building blocks for modernizing integration tools and practices.
  • We are architects and masons: we provide turnkey integration services, helping you in everything from product evaluations, technical strategy and integration architecture to API management services.
Three Ireland’s trusted youth brand 48 disrupts market with unique digital experience
  • Since the relaunch in March 2020, subscribers quadrupled to 110,000
  • Churn reduced by 67%
  • The mobile-first customer portal increased mobile traffic by 40%
  • Deployment times decreased by 80%
  • 23-times more customers onboard each day on average
Case Study - Three Ireland’s trusted youth brand 48 disrupts market with unique digital experience
Automating API conformance cuts Vodafone’s integration costs by multiple millions and other benefits
  • Productivity and cost reduction due to API re-use
  • Better quality due to automation
  • Cut API deviation by 90%
  • 50% increase in API adoption
  • 76% savings compared to point-to-point integration
Case Study - Automating API conformance cuts Vodafone’s integration costs by multiple millions and other benefits
British Telecom (BT) reduced partner onboarding time by 95% using a centralized API development approach
  • Reduced average partner onboarding time from 6 weeks to 2 days
  • Automated back end service functions in just 2 weeks
  • Shifted 100% of service management and operational support to a self-service model
Case Study - Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone
Moving beyond mobile, transformation to a Digital Service Provider
  • 20 major legacy systems modernized
  • 11 new functionalities offered through seamless migration
  • 1 million+ post-paid subscribers migrated to new systems
  • 0.5 million pre-paid subscribers migrated to new systems
Case Study - Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone
Democratizing Digital through a Digital Marketplace solution
  • 2514+ active customers (and growing)
  • 840+ vendors
  • 90% month-on-month increase in vendors joining the digital marketplace
Case Study - Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone
Unifying three brands with a powerful API Management solution
  • 1,60,000 new customers
  • 145% increase in customer engagement
  • 69% increase of broadband base on fibre
  • 59% increase of mobile base on post-pay
Case Study - Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone
Torry Harris-Schneider Electric Engagement
  • Ovum - "There is an on-going trend of enterprises preferring vendors that can offer specialized skills, flexibility and responsiveness"
  • This engagement is notable for:
    • The sheer scale of the digital transformation initiative, and
    • The highly complex nature of the requirements
Case Study – API Enablement for Digital Future
Creating a digital ecosystem for a Telco major
  • 46% increased market share through Mobile Financial Services
  • Transformed legacy IT systems into reusable, general-purpose functionality blocks
  • Reduced go-to-market time with a better support system
Case Study – digital ecosystem
Mobile enablement of eGovernment citizen services
  • Mobility services reached more than 70% of the country
  • Productivity of ministries improved by 20%
  • Multi-channel on-the-move services for citizens
Case Study - Mobile Enablement eGovernment Citizen Services
Creation of an integrated digital ecosystem using APIs for a UK Telco major
  • 354 Live APIs
  • 3X increase in API consumption
  • 2 billion transactions in 2018
  • 40 Partners onboarded
Case Study - Unifying three brands with a powerful API backbone

Meet our SnapLogic services team:

Puneeth Raghavendra

Associate Software Engineer

Cazal Tirkey

Associate Software Engineer

Pavithran Venkatachalam

Software Engineer