Become 'The Platform'
Winning in the Digital Economy means moving from Digital Silos to establishing your Business as a Platform using APIs
Leveraging your business as a platform opens up huge revenue opportunities by allowing your IT backbone to be monetized using APIs
Leveraging your business as a platform opens up huge revenue opportunities by allowing your IT backbone to be monetized using APIs
API-o-Blocks provides you a framework of products, processes and services that allow you to progressively participate in the API Economy
API Gate way
You can securely expose and monetise your APIs to third parties using API-Connect. It offers an API Store, a Developer Portal and a Publisher Portal.
Iot Glue
IoT Glue® is a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows you to seamlessly glue disparate things together. It helps building an enterprise’s IoT ecosystem faster by enabling them to quickly & securely offer additional IoT offerings to their end-customers.
To define a roadmap, you should ask yourself these questions.
Our tools will help you answer them.
Define your Vision and Strategy
  • What is your value proposition ?
  • Have you built your partner Ecosystem yet ?
  • How will you create a business case for APIs and Digital Enablement
Change yourself for the Digital World
  • Is your operating model in line with the demands of the Digital World ?
  • Are your Business Processes, Organization structure, Digital Sales+Marketing, Social media maturity aligned to the Digital trends ?
  • How mature is your Social Media strategy ?
Fast forward your Architecture
  • Is your API Management Strategy well defined ?
  • Have you considered the readiness of your weakest link - your legacy applications ?
  • How mature is your Governance to work in the API paradigm ?
Digital strategy and Roadmap generator
Digital business and Model reference
Digital business and Case generator
Business Process Reference
Digital Business Org Chart Reference
Social Media Strategy Kit
API Connect
IoT Glue®
API Hunrter

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