Infographic - How CSPs can benefit from
Microservices Architecture?

5 mistakes to avoid with Microservices implementation

Adopting microservices for the sake of it

Becoming tool-centric, side-lining the end goal

Forecasting costs without regulation as they vary with each new service

Ineffective governance leading to duplication in cross-cutting capabilities

Extensive data sharing leading to data currency and consistency issues

Steps for CSPs to benefit from
Microservice Based Architecture
Setup an API Implementation Factory with Microservices model
Setup Microservice Governance Body within your IT Governance function
Create a technology strategy for channel-specific microservices (BFF, GraphQL, etc.)
Extend your existing full-stack BSS with microsevies for use cases that require customization
De-centralize your central integration layer with containerized microservices
Create a technology decision matrix. When to use Service mesh, Micro gateways, etc.
Develop upcoming greenfield applications based on Microservice Architecture
Identify legacy candidates that can be decomposed and recreated as microservice offering
Establish a Microservice-centric Development Lifecycle using DevOps

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