Digital enablement for an Energy company would mean offering their services in an ‘-as-a-platform’ model. Being connected, automated and API-enabled so as to offer more than just “energy management” solutions, to becoming a hub for digital services, leveraging partner networks to generate new business models and realizing more internal efficiencies.

Creating Value For Global Energy Majors

Starting from defining the strategy to building their integration and API backbones for a step-wise transition to a digital enterprise, we assist Energy Management companies to achieve more with their assets. Here is how:

We start by understanding the business goals & key priorities of the energy company and provide a phase-wise approach to realizing them from an IT perspective through business model reference kits, frameworks to translate these goals into a technical roadmap.


Our IoT (internet of things) division studies the data and automation needs of the enterprise to develop a suitable IoT strategy.


We map the API roadmap to the business goals, so as to enable opening up new revenue channels for the enterprise by empowering partner & third-party businesses to build on top of the API platform.


We model the Cloud so as to expose assets centrally, to be consumed by local front-end businesses, with access through Mobile as a channel.


We help build & manage the Energy Management Cloud, to provide an internet-based platform that can acquire and act upon M2M data from devices.

What's New

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digital capability for Pure Planet
Torry Harris enables Schneider Electric to enhance its digital offerings
Marc Lafond, Vice President - Architecture and Platforms, IOT & Digital Offers at Schneider Electric Digital, talks about Schneider’s digital business model and how Torry Harris helped build their e-subscription platform.
Up Next:Torry Harris enables Schneider
Electric to enhance its digital offerings
Torry Harris enables API driven digital capability for Pure Planet
Andrew Ralston, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Pure Planet, Britain’s first app-based renewable energy supplier, talks about Torry Harris being a trusted advisor in helping them build a meaningful digital ecosystem.

Why Torry Harris?

20 years of focus on integration to increase the digital ability of enterprises
A strong business technology vision to deliver on customer objectives
A commitment to specialization, to extend the power of digital access through integration
An industry-recognized product portfolio to accelerate digital initiatives
Platform Economy – tools to accelerate your game
This video discusses the transformational effects enabled through a “Platform model” of doing business. The platform model brings together producers and consumers in high-value exchanges. Torry Harris equips enterprises to become major players in the platform economy. Its quick-start tools, frameworks and services, help accelerate their platform journey.

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