Forrester Research cites two products – API Connect and DOC-vision from Torry Harris API Management product stack, in its report – “Create Great API Designs and Documentation with Integration across the API Life Cycle.” This report guides enterprises towards finding the right tools and crafting great solutions for API design and documentation. The report states, “Digital disruption restructures the nature of business change, and that makes APIs a critical underpinning for digital transformation.”

As stated in the report, “API Connect includes a visual editor for REST APIs, integrated with the product’s API management functions. API Connect supports API products (via API packs, usage plans, and pricing), versioning, tagging and categorization, role-based access, and team features.” It further adds, “DOC-Vision is a corollary product to Torry Harris API Connect, intended to facilitate API documentation for REST and SOAP APIs. It supports creation of multipage API documentation.”

*Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Create Great API Designs and Documentation with Integration across the API Life Cycle

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