Source: "Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Overview," Forrester Research, Inc., Report: 10 September, 2014

Analyst(s): Lauren E. Nelson and Richard Fichera with James Staten, Michael Caputo

The report says "Today’s private cloud professional services space falls into four categories:

  • Training;
  • Consulting services;
  • Reference architectures; and
  • Remote management.
  • Each looks to help enterprises build private clouds through educational support and/or cloud integration, management, and process expertise."

    Describing the cloud consulting vendors such as Torry Harris Business Solutions, the report says, "If you need full hands-on support to build your environment, there are a large number of providers that specialize in just this approach. Some focus on infrastructure integration, while others look at optimizing the business processes, policies, and organizational structure that will be in place once the private cloud is built."

    While detailing the Private Cloud Vendor Landscape, Forrester lists Torry Harris Cloudmatic 1.0 (Cloud Consulting, Advisory and Cloud Migration Services) among other Vendor products.

    Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

    Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Overview

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