Source: "Vendor Landscape: Front-End Mobile Testing Tools," Forrester Research, Inc., Report: 04 December, 2015

Analyst(s): John M. Wargo & Diego Lo Giudice with Christopher Mines, Joseph Miller, Tyler Thurston

This vendor analysis report on "Front-End Mobile Testing Tools" from Forrester Research states, "Mobile Applications are the primary digital touchpoints for customers and employees … Engaging, high-quality mobile apps boost revenue, while poor-quality apps put experience and brand reputation at risk." In this context, to draw out the landscape for mobile app testing tools focusing on functional and user interface (UI) testing, Forrester Research interviewed Torry Harris Business Solutions.

Emphasizing on testing more app capabilities across a wider range of devices, Forrester quotes Sukesh Soman, Head of mobility and open source at Torry Harris Business Solutions, who says, "With automated testing, we’re really seeing an improvement in app quality." The improvement occurs simply because an automated shop is testing more parts of the app more often.

As per the report, UI test automation helps in the following manner:

  • Fits with today’s rapid app delivery schedules
  • Frees QA resources to focus more on UX testing
  • Protects existing code from issues created through new development
  • Compresses the development feedback loop
  • Expands capabilities provided through continuous integration

Forrester makes a very pertinent observation in the report: "Validating that an app’s UI works as expected is different than validating that the experience is easy and enjoyable." For more details, read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Vendor Landscape: Front-End Mobile Testing Tools

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