Forrester Research, Inc., Report: 23 September, 2013

Analyst(s): By Randy Heffner

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategies continue to add significant value in the industry. EE, a UK digital telecommunications company formed by merging the UK operations of T-Mobile and Orange, is an excellent case in point. Two of EE's key technology goals are business agility and back-office cost savings. SOA helps with both, providing EE with the agility necessary to run three separate brands on a single infrastructure, while simultaneously evolving a unified and rationalized technology base. Forrester frequently speaks with application development teams and solution architects that are initiating or rebooting their SOA initiatives, and we've found that one of the biggest challenges they face is to gain a perspective on SOA and develop a vision for how to incrementally pursue it. This report describes EE's SOA initiative, including its use of an SOA service build factory run by Torry Harris Business Solutions, to help development teams and architects with their own pursuit of SOA.

Forrester says,

“…In addition to service build factories like the one it runs for EE, THBS provides clients with services across the landscape of SOA strategy, including establishing an SOA vision, defining service life cycles and governance, designing and implementing SOA platforms, identifying and designing services, and converting legacy integration interfaces into SOA services.”

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SOA Plays An Important Role In A Telco Merger

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