“Software organizations count on integration strategy and delivery services to craft an integration architecture for digital transformation, establish better structures and processes for integration, and establish agility for business change… Innovative digital technology tends to create its own integration challenges and opportunities, compounding issues with legacy integration. The right service provider brings current industry experience to bear on each organization’s unique platform, integration, and business challenges.” – says this Now Tech report and urges enterprises to select vendors based on their breadth of vision and integration focus.

Forrester defines this specialised segment as: “A consulting firm or systems integrator that, in addition to delivering solutions that employ integration products, is organized to assist technology user enterprises to design, establish, and mature their organizational competency and strategy for leveraging multiple styles of integration.”

Forrester cites Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) as a midsize vendor with a broad breadth of integration focus. Its primary Integration functionality segments have been noted as:

  • Integration program strategy
  • Integration architecture strategy and
  • Integration managed operations

*Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Forrester's Overview of 19 Integration Strategy and Delivery Service Providers

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