This Forrester report shows application development and delivery professionals the vendor landscape for API management across three market segments. According to the report, “The solutions have widely different strengths, so it’s risky to buy API management based on an immediate need and use case. Instead, AD&D pros should make at least a high-level scan across their potential enterprise-wide API strategy, using this perspective to identify an API management player that can address all future API scenarios.”

The ‘Vendor Landscape: API Management Solutions’ report mentions that “API Management Solutions and API Gateways are two anchors of a comprehensive API platform” and Torry Harris is one among the “vendors who have offerings for both API gateways and API management.”

The report states, “API Management Solutions are a linchpin of digital business transformation.” It says, “[THBS API Connect] Community Edition is an open source, services-led offering that may be deployed as a customer-managed or a vendor-managed service. [It] supports API product definition and separate LOB portals.”

*Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Forrester Vendor Landscape: API Management Solutions

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