This report gives application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals an overview of API gateways across five market segments such as REST APIs only; general-purpose APIs; APIs and messaging; APIs, messaging, and files; and special-purpose gateways. According to the report, “API management solutions are tightly integrated with their own embedded gateways, so there are advantages to starting with an API gateway that can grow into an API management deployment.”

The ‘Vendor Landscape: API Gateways’ report states, “[THIS] API Connect Gateway [is an] open source, services-led product offering. [It] supports authentication and authorization, quotas, rate limits, content validation, mediation and transformation, and security integration. [It] also supports WebSockets and has advanced rate limit features.”

*Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Forrester Vendor Landscape: API Gateways

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