I recently had the privilege of participating in Tamahar Trust's 'PRERNA' event as a volunteer for our WeCare initiative on December 2nd, 2023. This special day, dedicated to commemorating the International Day for People with Disabilities, was filled with engaging activities centered to bring joy to the children and their parents at the Trust. Together, we played various games like ball-throwing, balloon-stamping, and a game based on code words. It was truly a treat to engage in these fun activities and to bond with the children and their parents - all of which contributed to making it an absolutely memorable experience.

The standout of the day was the cultural program, featuring singing and dance performances by members of the Tamahar Trust, our volunteers and the children. There was also a yoga session to highlight the significance of physical and mental well-being which drew active participation from all alike. As the day came to a close, we engaged in lively conversations with the children, parents and guests over refreshments and cake to end this eventful day on a sweet note.

For me, the visit to the Tamahar Trust was not just a day of routine service - it was a day of learning, growth, and most importantly, love. It served as a touching reminder of the strength and resilience that children possess, and the inspiring work taken up by the Tamahar Trust. My experience at Tamahar was bliss and I felt a great sense of gratitude and fulfillment from my interactions at the event. I look forward to participating in similar initiatives with WeCare in the future.

Written By
Preeti Narayan,
Software Engineer