Cloud migration is a critical investment area in digital transformation, but for many IT leaders, the big question today is — why do some cloud migrations fail when others succeed? A report by McKinsey shows that inefficiencies in orchestrating cloud migrations will drain enterprise resources to the count of $100 billion over the next three years.

In this on-demand webinar, seasoned technologist Manish Kumar Pujari breaks down some real-life challenges of the cloud migration journey and discusses tried and tested approaches to successfully overcome them. Manish’s learnings have been curated from select experiences from a decade-long connection to the cloud, delivered to help you avoid common migration pitfalls.

The primary points covered in this session are:

  • Evaluation procedure before greenlighting a cloud migration journey
  • Elements of a well-defined cloud migration strategy along with common best practices
  • The different types of cloud migration
  • Review of a checklist and questionnaire to help you in every step of the migration journey
  • Building blocks of cloud platforms
  • Legacy to cloud-native frameworks
  • A robust integration architecture for cloud migration success
Manish Kumar Pujari
Technical Architect
Manish is a key member of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) team at Torry Harris where he lends his expertise to DevOps/CI architecture while leading cross-product initiatives. He has over ten years of experience in designing and delivering strategic solutions across multiple industries. As an expert on all things cloud-related, Manish has been helping organizations understand and navigate cloud migration journeys successfully.