MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking has gone digital this year. Team Torry Harris showcased Concierge BankTM, a powerful E-commerce banking accelerator and DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace, a marketplace-in-a-box, during this online event. Karthik T.S, Head of CoE, Torry Harris Integration Solutions, was one of the panelists of "Leader's Forum" discussing effects of Covid-19 on API Economy, and the role of open APIs in enabling successful banking ecosystems.

 Concierge Bank - Digital Banking Conference 2020
  • Offer internal capabilities as-a-service
  • Forge cross-industrial partnerships, beyond banking
  • Enrich customer experience through your Open API Platform
DigitMarket - Digital Banking Events 2020
  • Build new channels to market
  • Become platform enablers
  • Grow profitable partnerships

Our Session – Leader’s Forum

Tuesday, 30 June 2020
10:20 - 11:00 AM

The open API playground: navigating the path to success in a changing landscape

  • Building on open foundations: what API innovations have been the most transformative?
  • Catalyst or inhibitor: how has Covid-19 affected the growth of the API economy
  • Partnerships with TPPs: building blocks for the new ecosystem?
  • Navigating the open data landscape: how can banks capitalise on non-financial data?
  • Unbundling services and plugging into a TPP API ecosystem: is there a benefit to specialising?
  • Planning your next steps: defining strategies that will enable success in the open ecosystem
  • The dawn of new business models: how can banks navigate their changing role in the market?
  • To what extent is owning the customer relationship the sole key to success in open banking?

Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder, Raisin

Matt Collinge, Chief Technology Officer, Curve

Caroline Ambrose, Open Banking Implementation Director, Barclays Bank

Marion King, Director of Payments, NatWest

Karthik T.S, Head of CoE, Torry Harris

Karthik TS
Head - Centre of Excellence, Torry Harris Integration Solutions

Karthik heads the Centre of Excellence and Products team at Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS). Over the last 19 years, he has been helping enterprises hands-on in the architecture, design and integration areas prior to taking on responsibilities of spearheading organization-wide initiatives. Karthik works on productizing solutions to accelerate enterprise digital initiatives. DigitMarket™ is an industry-leading API Management and Digital Marketplace product that fast-tracks the creation of enterprise digital ecosystems. Karthik has co-authored the book – “Digital API Economy - Beneficiaries, Enablers and Catalysts.”

Other Resources


The Rise of Marketplace-Banking
Modern financial ecosystems afforded by Open-Banking APIs are steadily changing the nature of banking. Open-Banking is gaining popularity with consumers and banks through the relatively new phenomenon of marketplace-banking. Marketplace-banking is attractive to consumers because it provides a wealth of new services via their bank’s app.


Practical use-cases to monetise Open Banking APIs
In this webinar, we discussed the examples of how banks are commercialising Open APIs to build banking ecosystems. Thomas Zink – IDC research director for European financial services talked about the revenue potential of API enabled use-cases and how to overcome barriers to adoption. Karthik TS – Head, CoE, Torry Harris detailed the best practices to productise APIs, effective API Management and marketplace-banking solutions.


Concierge Bank™
Concierge Bank™, a marketplace-banking product by Torry Harris is helping banks worldwide to offer innovative new products to customers through an API-driven marketplace solution and a simple user interface.

On-Demand Webinar

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