By 2022, Gartner predicts at least 65% of large organizations will have implemented a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) to power their digital transformation.

Integration is often overlooked in the rush of corporate enthusiasm for digital transformation, but it is a large, inherent part of any digitalization initiative. That means that integration itself needs to be transformed as part of and to enable the wider digital transformation.

During this Meetup on September 23, 2021, we briefed about the steps to get started with your HIP strategy and its critical drivers. We also discussed how to use a hybrid integration approach to connect your ecosystem and empower digital transformation initiatives.

About the Speaker

Praveena KR
Technical Lead, Torry Harris Integration Solutions
Praveena is all things automation! She brings over 10 years of rich experience in automating different parts of transformation initiatives. For the past five years, she has been productizing functionality to build tools and solution accelerators to speed up hybrid integration initiatives.