Find out what’s next for Open APIs and what are the prospects for extending them into enterprise customer’s B2B systems and processes.

With the recent advancements in the telecom industry, APIs have now become key business-enablers allowing CSPs to build platforms, digital marketplaces and ecosystems that drive new sources of revenue.

So, what’s next for Open APIs? What are the prospects for extending them into enterprise customer’s B2B systems and processes? In this on-demand webinar, experts from THIS and TM Forum explore the latest trends, strategies and opportunities in the API landscape to unravel these questions and leverage APIs as a strategic differentiator.

The primary points covered in this session are:

  • Investment and technological priorities of Open APIs for CSPs
  • An assessment and adoption roadmap for Open APIs
  • How to streamline connection delivery for CSPs
  • Exploring the role of APIs in exposing telecoms operator assets
  • Challenges and opportunities to API adoption in cloud-native networks
  • The potential of Open APIs to be the formula of success for CSP digital marketplaces
  • What not to do to build a successful digital marketplace
  • A to-do list of technology steps and requirements for CSPs in creating new digital marketplaces

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Karthik TS Head – Centre of Excellence, Torry Harris Integration Solutions
Karthik heads the Centre of Excellence and Products team at Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS). Over the last two decades, Karthik has worked extensively with Telcos, Banks and Financial institutions, helping define their integration strategy and onwards to realize specific digital business objectives. He currently spearheads organization-wide initiatives, productizing solutions to accelerate enterprise digital imperatives.
Mark Newman Chief Analyst, TM Forum
Mark has more than 20 years experience in the telecoms software industry, first as a chief analyst and then as a research director. His vast experience covers the telecoms sector with a focus on operator business models, transformation and strategies for developing new revenue streams. His specialties include analysis, presentations and seminars and commentary on the mobile, wireless and broadband communications sectors.
Saad Syed Chief Executive Officer, Chenosis MTN
Saad is CEO of Chenosis, part of Africa's MTN Group, where he brings over 20 years of work experience in innovation and creative sales thinking. Over the years, he has achieved success in both startup and corporate environments. He brings his unique approach to identifying and demonstrating value to end customers.