Intelligent automation with technologies like AI and ML is fundamentally changing the way we work and do business. It is imperative that we keep up, and learn to swim in new waters.

In this on-demand session, data science expert, Vijay Rachakonda introduces the process of creating AI and the key applications of these emerging technologies. He also delves into a preliminary review of ML algorithms and how they work in a business landscape.

  • Understanding AI and ML, and the philosophy behind these new technologies
  • Knowing the types of AI and its impact on lives, communities, business, and industry
  • Understanding the business use cases of AI in different industries like banking, energy etc.
  • CERMAQ: A case study on 5G connectivity, AI, and computer vision
  • THIS' contribution to the world of AI and ML
Vijay Rachakonda

Product Analyst and Consultant, Torry Harris Integration Solutions

Vijay Rachakonda has a master's degree in decision science and is a leading consultant at Torry Harris. Most recently, Vijay has been into research and development of these emerging areas of machine learning and deep learning. Overall, he has extensive experience grown from a career path built on a background of consulting, IT operations and pre-sales (including product management & solutions architecture), both from an end-user and system integrator base.