The number of cloud applications and data sources are multiplying, and with them, the challenges of integration. Whether you're building services from scratch or modernizing your monolithic applications, all roads lead to iPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service).

In this on-demand webinar, veteran technologist Ranganatha GM takes a deep dive into the complexities of enterprise iPaaS implementation. It's a rare opportunity to get an insider's point of view into the pros and cons of iPaaS implementation in order to address the growing complexities of multi-cloud and hybrid architectures.

  • Key points of difference between traditional integration and iPaaS-based integration
  • iPaaS use cases in business environments
  • Core functionalities and benefits of enterprise iPaaS implementation
  • Choosing the right iPaaS for your enterprise
  • Evaluation process for choosing a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)
  • Understanding the difference between HIP and iPaaS
  • A successful iPaaS implementation story
Ranganatha GM

Technologist , Torry Harris Integration Solutions

Ranganatha GM is an integration expert specializing in iPaaS and API Management at Torry Harris. His vast experience working alongside clients, particularly in the telecom domain, has given him an in-depth understanding of architectural challenges and solutions for internal and external integrations.

As a consultant with over ten years experience, Ragnathana brings to the table expertise in the area of iPaaS implementation, including:

  • Understanding client requirements and drafting problem statements
  • Defining technical solutions that work best for the client
  • Mapping technical components that solve specific pain points and make way for potential new revenue sources
  • Identifying new ideas for solution accelerators and brainstorming new proof of concepts (POCs) based on interactions with client representatives
  • Delivering proactive solutions based on challenges and opportunities identified in collaboration with the delivery team