Enterprises are now running more strategic application workloads in the cloud, driven by efficiencies in cost, scale, agility, and the ubiquity of reliable cloud hosting services. Microservice-based architecture is the key enabler of this trend and rapidly becoming one of the top patterns for building new applications that scale efficiently and support agile development practices.

With a robust strategy, including good governance, enterprises can ensure microservices are a key enabler for their hybrid integration platforms.

This month’s meetup focuses on microservices –expected challenges, tools, and approaches that help enterprises integrate better.

Pramitha Baliga Shenoy
Project Manager, Torry Harris Integration Solutions
A hands-on technologist with over 11 years’ experience in the integration space. She specializes in digital transformation and application modernization, where she takes the lead position to help realize outcomes.
Pramitha is currently working with a Telecom customer, consulting on microservices and integration.