Business Challenge

An acquisition became an opportunity for a fast-growing Irish mobile network operator to better align to changing customer expectations i.e. to think beyond mobile by building a connected digital ecosystem. These new expectations translated to:

  • Always connected
  • New content and Apps
  • Reduced time and money
  • Entertainment
  • New and better services
  • Consistent experience across devices

The acquisition required the IT stacks & Networks of the two brands be consolidated/rationalized while keeping in mind the Digital shift needed for agility in service, immersive customer engagements, personalized experiences and introduction of newer revenue streams. In other words, not just an IT transformation but a complete evolution into a Digital Service Provider.

Business Benefits

  • 20 major legacy systems modernized
  • 11 new functionalities offered through seamless migration
  • 1 million+ post-paid subscribers migrated to new systems
  • 0.5 million pre-paid subscribers migrated to new systems


As a first step, a governance structure was put together to move beyond the mind-set of evolutionary integration to one of revolutionary transformation. Torry Harris was chosen as a partner in this transformation exercise, where digital business transformation and technology enablement were aligned using business design and solution design principles.

The highlights of the "Beyond Mobile" business design principle:

  • It is formal recognition of the growing importance of the non-mobile/Telco product sets, to provide new revenue streams, as traditional mobile/Telco revenues are squeezed
  • It aims to enable greater innovation in client’s product sets, by building a solution architecture that facilitates:
    • Rapid on/off-boarding of new partners
    • Easy POCs and product trials
  • Reminder to the programme to build and design for the future, ensuring the solution architecture is flexible enough to support the “Beyond Mobile” principle
Role of Torry Harris as its digital transformation partner in
delivering the business needs:
digital Ecosystem

Close collaboration between Torry Harris and Client Architects and Solution Governance stakeholders to build and design for the future, ensuring the solution architecture is flexible enough to support the “Beyond Mobile” principle.

Exposing of REST APIs to 3rd Parties via Torry Harris API Gateway - enabling Security, Rate Limiting, Integration and Analytics capabilities.

Intensive use of the lightweight services is being devised for scaling the performance of the API Factory.

Delivering Technical Services to cover the gap between end-state requirements and BSS Solution being delivered.

As part of the digital transformation exercise, the client has enabled a robust partner ecosystem and is today offering services in a Platform 1.0 model.

Step 1: Get Platform 1.0 right
Digital Transformation
Step 2: Move towards Platform 2.0 and cross-partner Open Innovation.
Unleash the power of the network effect
Digital Business Transformation